Thursday, February 13, 2014

East Coast What?!?!

WYIRUN... Yak Trax made it happen outside this time around.

Two visitors from the East, Mom and Dad and some wet wet snow. One I like and the other not as much.
We got dad on the slopes for the firs time in ages, and he tore them up!

Mom will be out there soon... right?

Steamboat Spring's Winter Carnival and the U.S Record Breaking Firework

The wetter weather came on Sunday but mom and dad powered through.

Adam and I were the poor souls to be pulled in the Diamond Hitch parade for the school's float. Cross country skis were definitely not the way to go and center of the hitch wasn't either.

Everyone else was smiles while I was pulled in terror. I made it without falling!

Workouts: (They have continued on the treadmill and to be early in the a.m.)
1/28: 1 Mile @ 6:45 sandwiched with faster intervals of 100,150, and 200m ending with 2 Miles at 6:45. As I am 'Marathon' training and a little far out right now, workouts have been uncomfortable but manageable.
1/30: I ended the week with 3 x 2 Miles at 6:50s.
2/4: Hill repeats via treadmill which a little harder to emulate but I made it happen.
2/6: Cutdown run, 7:10 by 10 seconds until 6:40. 
2/11: A little one-sided pyramid action with 6:35 Mile, 1000@ 6:35, 800@ 6:30, 600@5:45 and 400@ 5:35. The last two intervals were harder since my treadmill won't go past 6 min/mile, so use the incline as a substitution. 

Vacation is on the horizon.... ready, set, Vacate!

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