Thursday, July 10, 2014

Months in Sentences

WYIRUN...something comfortable.

In May, I stress fractured my foot training for the Steamboat Marathon.
Not my foot
I knew the feeling and felt deflated, but carried on focusing much of my attention to my job which was beginning to be all consuming. Stress is stress is stress.

We jetted off to my cousins wedding in NC where I danced both nights away with a tight popliteus muscle causing me all sorts of pain.

None the less, I got to see my family. Following the trip, I figured out the damn popliteus injury and had LJ McVey massage it out.

Then we worked and worked and subsequently moved into a larger home on campus. Since then, Adam has used his handy man skills to build a deck that looked like this. 

Into this...

That brings us to the present. I could be racing again. I am slowly building back into running, low and slow and itching to be fast. Who knows how my current training will effect this race.

Coming down the line, I have a conference in Boston and another chance to see my family and perhaps visit my stomping ground up in Keene Valley

And a vacation on dock to Glacier National Park (a very much much much much needed vacation)

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