Sunday, December 4, 2011

Under the Tuscan Sun

WY I Run... A sunrise in Tuscany

Part II- Tuscany
We spent four nights in Tuscany staying at San Leo Residenza which was a olive vineyard turned into some villas for folks to stay in which was hidden away in the hills. We were one of the only families there, where Patricia, the owner treated us like family. Between the runs in the morning and the day excursions we took, this place was like living a dream. 

Our Kitchen

Patricia's daily breakfast spread

We spent Thanksgiving day in Siena where saw all of the sights and made sure to pick out our Euro bathing suits (Dad's speedo) for the Thermal pools to follow.

The Central Plaza

The Duomo

My meal in Siena was a traditional Tuscan soup called Ribollita which was vegetables, bread and beans based soup and one I had multiple times throughout the trip.

The thermal pools was one of my favorite times of the trip where the five us relaxed in the hot springs per recommendation by a local Italian warming our bodies, smoothing our skin and easing any family/trip stress. All warm inside and tired from the heat, we were ready for an easy dinner and sleep. This is not what happened. Two cranky hours later after I had misguided the Garmin, we ended up near our villa and desperately searching for some food. We found a small family run Italian pizza spot where I indulged in the best pizza I think I have ever had-- probably because I was so hungry.

The next day was filled with private wine tours thanks to a family friend from Boston. First up was Isole e Olena.

Next, was Castella d' Alma where the art tour and wine tasting were equally delightful. However, we started to get antsy after a long day in the vineyards. We were treated to the final tasting in a historical home by a hearth where the fire was lit and wine, olive oil and bread awaited us. 

Cindy, a woman who we met at San Leo worked at a renowned architect's olive oil vineyard and villa called Casarmora, where she invited us to take tour. All of the villa and vineyards have so much history and are so beautiful, your mind gets numb to the fact that it is all real.

Posing with Cindy at Casamora

We left San Leo on Sunday morning and the special place where it sits and where Patricia works so hard to create her oil, honeys, meats and much more will always be a part of Italy I won't forget.

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