Saturday, December 3, 2011


WY I Run... exploring new countries and to keep sanity throughout a family trip

Sorry it has been so long. I was playing catch up all week after returning from Italy. I am going to write about my trip in three parts based on the places that I visited.

I would like to start off saying that I was able to run every day that we were away except the day I arrived.

Tue: 6 Miles in Borghese Gardens
Wed: 8 Miles in 7:15 on Tiber River
Thur: 6 Miles in Tuscany
Fri: 8 Miles in Tuscany
Sat: 8 Miles in Tuscany
Sun: 6 MIles in Tuscany

Rome, Italy
Carter and I arrived on Monday morning after flying all night, met my parents at our hotel and hit the ground running.
Hotel Alexandra

We stopped first at the Trevi Fountain to throw our pennies in! From there we went to the Pantheon and wandered the busy streets of Rome to meet my sister Page at her school where she is studying this semester. She took us to her favorite pizza spot near her school and it was delicious. 

We booked it over to the Roman Forum which was incredible ruins of ancient Roman cities. Not being a history buff or having taken any art history class, my mom did lots of explaining and this was all truly incredible.
We all had our first night drink at the Hotel Eden

Page made our dinner plans...
We ate as you would expect on your first night in Italy. A lot of amazing homemade pasta, meat and dessert.
And we stopped at the Spanish Steps on the way home. 
The next day included... after waking up a little later due to jet lag
Palestine Hill Museum
Page was our tour guide


And some history on my favorite Roman story of the twin brothers, Romulus and Remus who were raised by wolves.

We toured the Colosseum and went to dinner with Page and her roommates. I don't think our loud, boisterous selves were very well received a the small Italian restaurant.
I spent the night with Page at her apartment to wake up in the morning to run and then spend the morning at the Vatican. 
St. Peter's Chapel

All of the ceilings were masterpieces.

We hung out for a while... I am sure there were some fights in the mean time.

After two days of tons of sight-seeing we were ready to hit the road to Tuscany. This had some road blocks before this happened. The Italians decided to close the rental car shop for two hours in the middle of that day. We waited and waited.
Finally we were on our way with an Italian Garmin and a car full of five to Tuscany. 


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