Friday, January 27, 2012

On the up... and back down

WY I Run... to have a passion and set goals

Sorry for the boring workouts, but I like to keep track and here is where I get to be self-indulgent especially while I am injured.

Saturday: Elliptical (85 min) 10 min easy w/u, 5 min medium, 2 min hard, 2min easy (x 8), 10 min easy c/d and Abs and while waiting at the airport, I snuck my belongings behind the front desk of the nearby Sheraton, then to walk 4 miles.
Sunday: Got to enjoy a walk with Taylor in the morning, then played drill sergeant Pearson when Adam and I hopped on the bike for 90 minutes and later headed to the pool for some hot tubbing and aqua jogging (35).

We also managed to make it to, 'We Bough a Zoo' at the Lander theatre. It was absolutely adorable and based on a true story which makes me want to visit the actual zoo that it is based on.

Monday: Elliptical (80 min)-- 10 min w/u, 5 min medium, 2:30 min hard, 2:30 off, 10 c/d- increase resistance and in the afternoon, Aqua Jog (50 min)--10 min easy w/u, 1min medium, 1 min sprint, 30 sec hands in air (keep moving your legs in the running motion, but put your hand above your head), 1 min rest – repeat 10 times. 10 min easy c/d
Tuesday: Aqua Jog (60) and Trainer (60)
Wednesday: Spinning on the trainer (90)-- 10 min med, 5 min hard, 2 min and stand and 5 min easy- repeated until time. A 3 Mile walk at lunch.
Thursday: Elliptical (80)-- all have a workout attached, but you get the idea from above. Aqua Jog (35)-- starting to bore me.
Friday: First miles in 12 days-- 2 Miles and the pain is there. I stopped knowing I should not continue and ended with Elliptical (40) and Core.

I can't help be exuding a bit of doom and gloom. The pain was there and although, it was bearable compared to before and walking is so much better and the other activites don't cause any pain, there is something else going on. I can't help but know this and need to take the next steps to figure it out. While the ultra sound, the rolfing that Christine L. performed, anti-inflammatorys all loosened up the hip area and lessened the pain, deep down as I run, there is an acute ping that hurts on every pound. My mind wanders to stress fracture and I am working on getting an MRI this afternoon to get to the bottom of this.

I returned back to Adam and the gym at 7 a.m. after my workout and the tears started flowing. The past two weeks have been filled with them and it is as though I have no control. While at times, I think positively and know I will get better and want to move on, there are times where I want to wallow in my misery of no running. This has been some of the toughest emotional/physical barriers I have hit in my life and although it is great 'training' for me, it hurts, it hurts more than I would ever thought. It may mean, I haven't faced many hardships in my 25 years, but could also bring to light how much I love this activity and how much I want it back in my life. While others may love their work, hanging out with friends, or any other passion out there, these are the goals that drive me to do everything that I do... this is a sports that sets the bar and makes me work as hard as I can and accomplish more than I ever thought possible. Without it, I feel like I am flailing and while I may be right now-- there is more to be said with the next training I am about to embark on. It won't be on my feet, but my mind will be working hard to get to the finish line.

Not much is planned for this weekend as I am hoping to have a nice relaxing one after travels. But I did receive these from a boyfriend who understands how much it pains me to feel this way right now.
I am a lucky girl

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