Saturday, January 21, 2012

Some more Southwest

** I want to quickly explain the title from the previous post. I was supposed to continue on the lyrics to a song that had been stuck in my head which started with 'I like you' but I forgot the exact words and never changed the title... oops

WY I Run... although it pains me to keep writing this, I am still a runner and still love to run although it is not an activity I can engage in currently.

After a fun filled night on Wednesday, I hopped in the car at 4 a.m. the next morning to drive to Albuquerque.
Thursday: 7 Hours in the car, I finally arrived.  I got on the Elliptical (60) and Bike (20) and later Aqua Jogged (30) and a little hot tub. I read an article in Women's Running about swimming ipods and just purchased the SwimP3. I spoke at REI for NOLS later in the evening.
Friday:  I got up early before I spoke to the Bosque School and got on the Bike (w/o for 65) and then headed over to the presentation. The students again, were so excited about what NOLS had to offer and were eager with questions. My heart just fills with joy seeing the enthusiasm. I Aqua Jogged (45) and then headed to Santa Fe where I spoke to the folks at Outside Magazine. While a lot of the employers were missing, it was a cool to see the Santa Fe scene and the office where the publication is created.
 I also stopped by the Bobcat Bite bearing gifts. The owners have a son on a NOLS course and run this famous burger joint in Santa Fe, NM. I had to make an appearance while in the area.

 My last stop of the day was to see a PT, Julie Endreson. With a consultation, we have diagnosed my injury to Tendinits v. strain on either both the Iliopsoas and Sartorius muscle or just on the Sartorius where I have most of my pain. It was relieving to hear some confirmation and ideas of what I can do, what is within my control to make it better.

Saturday:  Another early morning to catch my flight and Elliptical (w/o of 85) and abs.
I got to the airport with time to spare only to realize, my flight is tomorrow. Here come the tears again... but I held them off. Being a PREMIER EXECUTIVE member paid it's dues and someone was watching over me. I was re-booked immediately free of charge and now have plenty (hours) of time to talk to you all. I guess this makes up for the million dollars extra I paid last time I missed my flight from a throw up bug.
Until next time...

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