Friday, February 3, 2012

Don't Mess with my Stress

WY I Run... As Jamie Dodge told me:
“Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.”

On Tuesday, an MRI confirmed that I have been plagued with a stress fracture in my femur. As much as I knew this might be the case, the information was and is hard to digest and tears have been shed and will probably continue, but I have formed some next steps to help make use of my time away from my passion and sport that I love. 

1. Researching doctors who can help get to the root of the issue (if one) so that I can come back strong.
Having a stress fracture in such a big bone makes me wonder how strong my bones are. There are a few other factors contributing to this concern and I think it is now when they should be addressed. 
2. Keeping a Routine. I am going to continue to set my weekday alarm at 4:40 and have kept most daily activities similar to the good ole' days. 
3. Doing acceptable activities. I have been busting my butt aqua jogging, swimming, some easy time on the trainer and ellitpical. I am three weeks into the recovery process and the doctor noticed that the fracture was heeling so I am making sure I do not induce any pain. 
4. Finding new activities. I will try my best to figure out some more hobbies for myself. I can't promise that this will happen and I won't just read about running instead of doing it, but I will make a conscious effort to try other things.
5. Talk about it. Talking myself and to others through what is going on has been a blessing. I am one who needs to process each and every step and the confirmation and support from others seems to mean so much to me. So talking about my fracture and receiving responses from those who have been in a situation close to mine is keeping me sane. (Sorry if I mention that I have a femoral stress fracture 5 times in our conversation). This is the case especially on all of the social networking sites where I belong to various communities of runners and receive comment after comment on how everything will be okay.
Just today one of my very favorite Running bloggers from Utah at HungryRunnerGirl wrote about me in her post. As I see her slightly as a famous person, I was overjoyed to have gotten this acknowledgement and know that Janae has been in my spot:

4.  Lately I have been getting a few emails from people suffering with running-related injuries and it truly breaks my heart.  Injuries are painful physically but even more painful mentally when one of your favorite activities and coping mechanisms is taken from you! As I was writing a sweet girl suffering from finding out that she had a femoral stress fracture and can no longer run Boston, I started crying.  I truly felt again for her what I went through last year.
As I was thinking about mental tips to help her get through this tough time I asked myself if I could go back in time and change what happened, would I?
NO.  As much as I hated my dang femurs at the time, as painful as it was to simply put on my pants in the morning and as jealous as I was of everyone around me enjoying running, I would not change going through that experience.  I learned more during those few months than I could ever imagine and I could never take those things back.  Certain things that happened because of that injury have brought me more joy than I could imagine.  It was worth it.
Basically, in my brain today I have been thinking about how WE ALL go through hard things, sometimes you may struggle alone and sometimes everyone around you may know about what you are going through but the key is that we can get through them, we can learn from them and become better wives/daughters/moms/dads/sisters/co-workers because of our struggles.  We can choose to be the rock and hit the ground and stay there or be the bouncy ball and bounce back after we hit the bottom (easier said than done right;) Let’s be the bouncy balls.
PS listening to Kelly Clarkson’s song, ‘What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger’ tends to help:)

So there are my coping mechanisms and how I will try not to get pulled into sad thoughts, but don't be afraid if you catch me crying at random moments!
I got tea with Kate last night to chat at Apple Valley

Workouts-- each one is varied with a certain workout
Tuesday: Elliptical w/ abs (90) and Trainer (40) with Core
Wednesday: Elliptical w/ core and abs (80) and Swimming 2600 M (50)
Thursday: Trainer w/ abs (100) and Aqua Jog (40)
Dont worry all, my Pinterest mojo is coming...

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