Tuesday, February 7, 2012

DIY Phenom

WY I RUN... Don't ever let someone tell you you can't do something. Not even me. All right? ~ Pursuit of Happyness

Friday: Delayed Alarm Onset (DAO). Elliptical (75) and Swim 2600 (50)
Saturday: Movie and Trainer (75), 1st Pool Aqua Jog Session with Adam (35) and 2nd Pool Session 2100 yd (35)
Sunday: Trainer (80), Pre- superbowl pool session Aqua Jog (50) and Swim 1600 M (30)
Monday: Elliptical Pyramid (85) and Aqua Jog (55)
Tuesday: Elliptical Medium and Hard (85) and Swimming 2500 M (50)

This weekend was all about cleaning, DIY and baking for the Superbowl (not actually watching it)
.... and living at the Lander Valley swimming pool. I got in some good hot tubbing social time!

In the DIY department. 
I recovered a lamp shade


I found a $3 trash can to put all of our running recovery tools in one spots: the foam roller, the stick and the mat and then wrapped ribbon around it to spice it up.

I finally found some storage that I did not have to build for a an outrageous price at Family Dollar and made labels from paper for each drawer!

 The baking began on Sunday and I whipped up some of my special Pretzel Turtles, Pepperoni Pizza Puffs ( I renamed, the Patriot Pepperoni Pizza Puffs) and some fun from PickyPalate, PB Surprise Cookies (they had peanut butter cups inside them with marshmallow and m&ms on top). Not sure if it was the inebriation or the yumminess of my goods, but there were gone by half time.

I consequently had to ask my boss who won the Superbowl on Monday morning. Teen Mom 2 took precedent. You can ignore that!

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