Monday, April 30, 2012

Speed of Light and Heavy Lifting

This has been the story of my life this past week and with the parents arrival creeping around the corner and the big move, I haven't had much time for much else.

WY I RUN... clear head

4/23: Elliptical (60) and 4 Miles Easy
4/24: Elliptical Hard (45) and Aqua Hard (45) then in the afternoon Bike (60)
4/25: Aqua Jog (45) and 3 Miles w/ 4 x20 then Cycle on Lion's Valley (60)
4/26: Swim (60), 3100 M with continuous 1600 M then 5 Miles Easy with Casey Dean
4/27: Elliptical (60) and 3 Miles with 4 x 20 and Walk
4/28: 7 Miles (longest since January 14th) and Swim 3400 yd
4/29: Cycle with Adam, an interval session with 4 x 12 minutes, on the N. 2nd and Baldwin/Squaw loop. Oh man, my legs were burning. Aqua Jog for (45) before dinner.

So... as you can tell from the 'one-liners' in the previous posts, Adam and I have moved in together. I was thinking back to the last time I spent the night in my bed from my old home and I think it was in October. The move was one that was a long time coming and although, a big step in a relationship, one that seemed very natural for us. Quality places with low rent is hard to come by in Lander, so not until a friend moved out of her spot with outdoor space and let us know, did we 'bite the bullet.'

Well, we are finally after yesterday fully moved in and it feels so good. I will put up some pictures next time!

This man sure knows me well... a salad atop my breakfast. What more could a girl want?

Another tid-bit from the weekend. I want to explain something, which I think, is special to Lander. Lander loves its Garage Sales. And as much of life has become electronic, Lander Garage Sale posts have not. Every weekend, folks hold their yard sales. To find out about them, you have to travel to the corner of 9th St and Main, only to find boxes lined up along the road held down by rocks noting the location of each sale.

While we didn't find anything of use. The race was on at 7:30 as cars lined up by the boxes and then took off. Of course, my competitive self got way too got up in the 'game' and I outlined the most efficient way to drive-by all of the houses and only if we saw something of use, did we stop. I might make this more of a routine as the warmer days arrive.

One other event on the horizon is my reunion from my elementary/middle/high school. I attended The Park School from Kindergarten until the 9th grade and made some of my most cherished friendships here. I keep getting e-mails for our 10th reunion along with old class photos. I would love to attend to see what everyone is doing, but unfortunately does not seem plausible at this time. Until then, I will enjoy all of the photos.
I am directly above the boy with the dark hair and continue to keep in touch with the girls on either side of me

And last, but not least, they are finally coming to Lander!

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