Monday, May 7, 2012

Flash Forward

WY I RUN... Sunrise in the early morning and to face the day with a bit more vigor

The parents came and went

4/30: Elliptical (60) and 4 Miles Easy
5/1: 3 Miles 4x 20 (45) /Aqua Hard (45) and Cycle (60)
5/2: Aqua (45)/ Bike (45) and 4 Miles Easy with Leg Circuit
5/3: Swim (60) 3050 M, 5 Miles Easy and Walk (40) with Core and Abs
5/4:  Elliptical (60) and 4 Miles Easy-- Epic Tennis matches with my parents and Adam

For a while now, I have toyed with the idea of getting a type of running coaching certification. Not necessarily because that is the direction I want to go, but more because I am so interested in the topic and think I could even help myself and be more confident giving advice to others. I did some researching and found that that Road Runners Coaches of America was definitely the best cert. out there. Living in WY was another little hump to get over. Denver did have a seminar, but it has been closed forever. Well.. I got an e-mail in my inbox last week that they opened another class! I quickly got online and registered and am so excited to LEARN. The topics are fascinating and all in realms where I need a bit more solidified education. So in a few weeks, I will be headed down to get my coaching on.

In order to get certified, I also have to have current First Aid and CPR, another little set back. Thankfully I work for an organization, NOLS that offers classes through the Wilderness Medicine Institute and luckily, there is a joint Wilderness First Aid and CPR memorial day weekend, so it will be two weekends, chalked full of learning!

They arrived and the festivities again. I will post more tomorrow, but the weekend began with a NOLS tour and a surprise...

We played some tennis, switching teams between the four of us and ended the Friday evening with a BBQ at Curtis's house. It was a great group and Lander's community showed through. Between the bantering, laughing, grilling food, friends and a campfire, it was the perfect introduction to Lander

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