Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All Together Now

WY I RUN... Improvement

After an effort workout yesterday, I have come to admit, I am not fit yet and my cardiovascular system suffered, but that's the beauty of the sport. With work and determination, I will get there.

5/16: 25 Miles cycles and 4 Miles Easy
5/17: 2300 M Swim and Cycle to and from the NOLS Faculty Summit, ~10 Miles, 6 Miles Easy run
5/18: 11 Mile Run in Denver where I got lost and had to call Adam from a Safeway. So much for my sense of direction. Was able to bike to a Recreation Center after the class in Denver where I swam 1800 yd (30)
5/19: Biked on Cherry Creek path from Adam's Aunt's place to Coaching class, no stop lights.... amazing, total ~22 Miles and 5 Miles easy with 4 x20
5/20: Bike ride from Cheyenne to Vedauwoo, uphill, headwind and rain to hike with the nieces and nephews where the sun came out for a bit.
5/21: Cycle 22 Miles and 6 Miles with 4 x 20
5/22:  8 Mile Long Intervals of 5 min @ 6:30-40 then Strength routine

So after all of that jumble, I want to get to the good stuff. I am officially a certified running coach via RRCA as long as I pass my First Aid and CPR this weekend. The weekend began at the tail end of the NOLS faculty summit last week (a series of seminars and speakers on all topics related to outdoor education for NOLS Instructors and staff). Arriving in Denver late on Friday, it was an early morning to run and get lost and start my first day of coaching class. The class was taught by Randy Accetta, who by nature was the most entertaining runner I have ever met and is consequently a Phillips Andover grad. His anecdotes mixed with humor to teach the lessons had my brain fixated for two days straight (doesn't happen often). We were also lucky enough to have Lorraine Moller, 4 Time-Olympian and Bronze medalist sit in our class at part of the Lydiard Foundation, which added an elite aspect to the group.
Lorraine posing with another classmate as I did not have the patience to stay after! Head started women and endurance running and an inspiration to say the least.

The group photo to end the session. Met folks from all over who had coaching experience across the spectrum

Adam and I found a place to get some grub downtown followed by, the one and only, self-serve fro-yo. For a girl who doesn't have one of these in her town, this and Starbucks are like Christmas every time. 


I got the Tuscan Chicken and for a hungry girl, it fit the bill.

Here I am waiting for Adam to hurry up and take the picture so I can dive into every last drop of the variety of fro-yo flavors.

Saturday rained and rained, which suited the running class well. After the drive to Cheyenne that evening, we woke up to take the kiddos to Vedawoo. Adam is unaware that 3 and 4 year olds can 'hike' for about 4 minutes until they want to be carried. We did get to eat a picnic lunch, thanks to his sisters and mill around the rocks which made for a perfect Sunday afternoon. Back to Lander we went.

Now, what do I do with my coaching certification? I have so many ideas bouncing around and love all of the topics I have learned. How will it fit best in my life? What type of training and demographic will work with my personality?
All questions I am pondering!

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