Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Another go?

WY I RUN... to try to keep fit for other activities, a.k.a. I gave mountain biking another shot. (It might be growing on me, but I can't tell yet)

Workouts (another catch up since I have gotten of my Tue and Fri blogging routine):
5/9: 2100 M (40) and 4 Miles + Core and then Mountain Biking Marketing wellness day
5/10: 1750 M Swim + Abs and 6 Miles Easy, then 30 Minute walk in the afternoon.

Did some work on the Lander Tri to get the food situation sorted. Looks like Gannett Grill will be providing the lunch portion for the finishers; pizza.

And am hoping to recruit some bagels form the Wildflower Bakery

5/11: 5 Miles Easy, Leg Circuit, hips and Abs and 20 Mile Cycle in the afternoon
5/12:  11 Miles with Curtis, 10 @ about 7:45 and then c/d. Evening swim, 1100 yd TT with Adam @ 16:18, total of 1750 yd
** I wish I took a picture of the epic pizza we grilled Saturday night. Two different, one BBQ and chicken brats and the other veggie with red sauce... gobbled

5/13: Paced Adam on my bike for his 10k, which he crushed in a little over 42 minutes and I loved playing pacer, then added another 37 Miles in about 2:10 @ 17 mph, to total 43 Miles!
5/14: Swam 1600 M and 5 Miles Easy with abs. 25 Miles cycle in the afternoon.
5/16: 7 Mile Temp with 5 x 3 min 6:30-40 and Swim 2000 M
This run was tough, but felt good, but also got into my head a bit since I am not fit yet. This pace only for three minutes, felt hard and I don't want that. I know it takes work and will take time to build back up, but man, sometimes you just want your mojo back. Give me my mojo.

For your lighter viewing pleasure, some shots from the Mountain biking at Lander's Johnny Behind the Rocks...

I can look hard core from far away

...And then you get up close and realize, I am either falling or walking. Oops
After this excursion, we had a BBQ at Kary's house to conclude team building. A well spent work day for sure.
The much needed weekend arrived and I was spent from the parents and straight into the week as I ramped up running. I spent the weekend actually relaxing, after my workouts and enjoyed the sunshine as much as the television. Going to try to stay on blogging routine so more to come.

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