Tuesday, June 5, 2012

First race of the year

WY I RUN... the sense of accomplishment

5/30: Morning ride 23.5 Miles, a struggle-fest and then 6 Miles in the afternoon, too hot for late runs.
5/31: 8 Miles with Adam and Elliptical (pool still closed ) with Core in the afternoon.
6/1:  6 Miles with strides in the morning and failed ride. I flatted far out with no phone. A generous man, Scott was taking his beat up RV into town and gave me a lift to cut my ride in half.

Curtis, Adam and I hopped in the car on the road to Cheyenne.
6/2: We woke up to race the 29th Annual Buffalo Triathlon. A typical 4:40 wake up call got us on the road with a cup of coffee, PB toast and banana in hand. We set up our Tri gear as normal. Had to dust off some of the rust and the nerves, even for a small race were coming on strong.

I finished as the 1st Overall Female in 1:32
6/3: Ride up Casper Mtn
6/4: 8 Miles Easy with 4 x 20 and 16.7 Mile afternoon thunder storm ride. 
6/5: 2 mile w/u, 10 x 800 @ ~6:40 (which was not hard, but a pace I want my legs used to since it could be a target pace for both Half and Marathon at this point), 2 mile c/d and afternoon Swim

Buffalo Tri
The women went off at 8:30 a.m. with a 900 yd swim. I busted out of the pool, feeling like I could stop there on the last lap and be done, but was the first female out in ~13 minutes. At that point, I did not know if I was in the lead.

On to the 14 miles ride after a pretty quick transition. I hopped on my bike for the scenic and hilly ride. Per my competitive self, I kept checking over my shoulder to see if anyone was on my tail. And alas, I could not pin point any females. For some mental gains, I just kept pushing myself like someone was on my wheel and tried to keep the momentum until the end. 
Mounting out of transition
I finished that ride in about 47 minutes and was excited to run. The run went uphill and then down, so the 4.2 miles was a struggle for 2 and felt great for 2. I had an 8 year old boy (part of relay) ahead of me and would not let me pass, speeding up every time I got near him for the first mile. Finally, he broke. I am sorry kid, but you had three more miles, no need to sprint now. You are still a man.

I finished the leg at ~29 min. and while it was hard to push to maximum capacity with no one following close behind, I did not need to exert any more effort and still got the mental high of the win. I am excited to have the first of the race in the books. To top it off, Adam came off with a bit more of a dramatic win.

Double the medals, double the fun
After a breakfast of omelets, pancakes and more with Adam's family, we headed on a short hike to loosen the legs. Culminating the event, an ice bath in the river. This is my favorite post race activity... I love it despite what the pictures say. 

Zzzzzz ensued on the car ride home. The day ended with a  Target pit stop, a much needed Pedicure treat, dinner of elk steaks, reading and bed. 
You can't see, but it is  Neon Pink. Might as well go all out

We rode up Casper Mtn. Holy elevation and steep hills. We made it back to Lander once again, exhausted from our antics... let the week begin!


  1. i think that is a well deserved pedi! cute!!

  2. Thanks.. went with the neon... knowing it will chip off within a day!