Tuesday, June 12, 2012

...they call it Lan-diego

WY I RUN...  Rest is training too. Don't forget that!

This is something I need to remember, especially after the set back at the start of 2012. While this didn't happen this past weekend, it is the plan for the coming one. 

6/6: Early rise to get in my first 'quality ride.' Segments of 3 min on and 2 min off. It made the ride go by a bit quicker and ended with about 24 Miles. Ran 6 Miles easy in the afternoon
6/7: A bit of a paced tempo run, still not hitting 'hard' paces, but building my base. 9 Miles of tempo progression with w/u and c/d. An easy leg spinning 18 Mile ride in the afternoon
6/8: Both workouts done in the morning with a 6 Mile Easy run and then a 'quality swim' for 60 min. about 3000m
Later in the evening, a girl's night ensued with Amy and Casey. Girl time really can't be replicated with boys in your presence and thanks to Amy, our watered down (supposedly seltzer) wine was sipped with laughs.

Let the shenanigans begin.
6/9: I woke up early on my Saturday morning to participate in the first of many Lander Community activities of the weekend, the F.A.R.T ride, Fremont Area Road Tour. I bribed Lauren, a co-worker with my wonderful personality to ride the first half with me. There is a selection of various distances you could ride and I wanted to do all of the in-town loops. For some reason, she agreed and being a strong cyclist  pushed through about 30 Miles with me until she left me to my lonesome. The wind started to pick up but I was determined to do a longer ride than normal. I ended with about 62 Miles and felt great the whole time.

I hurried home to shower and then biked over to the start again to reap the benefits of the BBQ. Can't pass up some pulled pork and slaw. The Lander Rugby team was playing next door, so that was the next stop. Now, for the main event, the Annual Lander Brewfest.

I swear, I had to nap before entering the mayhem, so I tootled back to my apt. where I was lured in my cousin and friends who had visited from Jackson. These are the same ones from back in the fall minus one, plus one. They were here for the beer and climbing. Once again, Lander's got it all
There were able to heckle me multiple time while I was riding. Wouldn't expect anything less.
They dragged me to Brewfest. An 85 year old grandma can handle social events better than I.
But here goes nothin'....
I managed to sneak back to the apt. after this, but continued on to Adam's Birthday BBQ with his sister and fiance in town along with my cousin and others. The drunken debacle was filled with lots of meat eaten by hands. You don't need a picture.
6/10:  Another early morning to get in a run and to show you, I don't always rise and SHINE.
Oh, the beauty I possess
Adam, Curtis and I ran. Curtis and I for 14 Miles which was slow going at first but ended with fireworks... not literally. I dreamed of the Blueberry pancakes I was going to eat for breakfast and then of the nap I would take. They happened in succession when I managed to make it to the pool for 25 min, 1300yd swim and then conquered my last event. My boss's bridal shower... I did win an Oregano plant. Done, done and done
6/11: Ran 8 MIles in the morning and wished my handsome man, a happy happy birthday and baked him some of these...
Germon Chocolate Cupcakes

I swam about 2300m in the afternoon.
6/12: A little cruise interval 2 x3 Miles @ 7:10, 10 MIles and Easy cycle. 
As I sometimes daydream a move in the future to gather more stories and experiences for my timeline, I ponder.... what could be better than paradise?


  1. As a wise coach once said "Hard training days only create the POTENTIAL for fitness."

    A buddy of mine used to quote his old coach "The only time you're actually getting faster is when you're flat on your back."

    Gotta rest!

    1. The infamous activity... REST. I hope I have learned after the dreaded stress fracture. But those are wise words I will continue to beat with a sledge hammer...