Tuesday, August 28, 2012


WY I RUN... I have the ability

" Life doesn't stop just because it changes." - Jamie Whitmore, XTerra World Champion

"My biggest fear was being swept to the sidelines and life passing me by," - Erik Weihenmayer, blind alpinist, adventurer

These were resounding themes of my weekend and is something I think about regularly. While flexibility might not be my forte, I sometimes worry about how I will react to life's challenges and then I listen to the people above and I know, we, as humans can make the decision to adapt.

8/22: 8 Miles, Swim (45) w/ Lauren ( a collegiate swimmer) who casually asked if I wanted to do a set with her, for my relaxing swim, bad choice, but definitely pushed me. 4 Miles in the afternoon
8/23: 9~ 2 w/u, 3x2 Miles @ 6:45-55, 1 c/d, Walk, Hip Strength
8/24: 8 Miles in a.m. and 4 Miles with afternoon. Dynamic Core
8/25: 14 Miles and some tootling around with Casey D. cheering for our men in the Bear Lake Brawl Triathlon
8/26: 8 Miles
8/27: 10 Miles with 4 x20 and 4 Miles with Taylor in the afternoon.
8/28: 12 Tempo Interval~ 2 w/u, 3 x3 @ 6:50-55, 1 c/d. I was not feeling it this morning and it was a struggle to hold paces and ended up being off for some about 10-20 seconds. Acid started to build, cramping in stomach, tired legs and such made this one of those runs that's just plain hard. Crying fits ensued and now I sit at my desk feeling spent. I can only build from here; no use crying over spilt milk.
p.m. Swim

Weekly Tidbits:
Adam killin' it in his Olympic Triathlon

Listen to Erik Weihenmayer

More Zucchini cooking...

Thought in my head this morning... I 'm tired.
This weekend, I had the honor of hearing Erik Weihenmayer speak at the Lander Valley HS. Not having heard his name before, I was infatuated with this story and in awe of how those faced with challenge adapt and for lack of a better phrase, " Make lemonade out of lemons." Having dealt with a serious injury this winter and making it through, hearing these stories deeply resonate with me and  stir my emotions.

Erik lost his sight when he was 13 yr. old and being too afraid to get caught on the sidelines, kept pursuing his passion regardless of his blindness. If it hadn't been done before, he did it, being a pioneer, and inventing new techniques to make it happen. He has climbed Everest along with the other 6 summits as well as scaling El Capitan in Yosemite. Stunts that seem extraordinary to an able bodied person have been overcome by Erik with the drive and passion to continue living life even if he couldn't see. Ultimately, he iterated the importance of being an 'alchemist' and changing the 'norm' to cater to you.

On my run this morning, I was listening to another Competitor Podcast. One with Jamie Whitmore. I did not know this athlete, but was fascinated by her story. Another world champion athlete, faced with adversity, cancer on her nerves in her leg, which caused the bottom half of one to be paralyzed. From learning to walk, having twins and now riding her bike, on her way to the Leadville 100, she spoke throughout in the cheeriest voice ever. How?? I think... how is she complacent? Again, she is just riding her bike and adapting to all of the bumps in the road. As I work to get to the New York Marathon, I will be tired, there will be bumps in the road and my goal is to adapt like these role models have and to do so without too much hesitation and frustration.

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