Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dancin' in the Moonlight


Going to play a little catch up this week to get back on track and will post on Thursday too.

9/5: 8 Miles and 4 Miles. A rainy day in Tahoe, hard to motivate but loved the cool drizzle to sip coffee and sing in the rain!

 9/6:  I was sick of the bears, so we headed to Lodi a day early, down in elevation where no bears would attack. I woke up to a Tempo of 2 w/u, 4 Miles (2 sub 6:30, 2 sub 7) x 2 and 1 c/d. Super human at elevation... hope this is some prelude to NYC
KOA in Lodi, CA
 9/6:  8 Miles and 4 Miles
9/7: 12 Miles
9/8: 8 MIles
9/9: 10 Miles with 4 x 20 and 4 Miles in the afternoon
9/10:  Interval/ Tempo workout that went a little bust due to sick, tired, elevation gain, travel...
2 w/u, 2 Miles at 7:00, 1 Mile @ 6:15, 2 Miles @ 7:00, 800 @ 3:10, 2 Miles @ 7:00, 400 @ 1:35, 2 c/d

RECAP Tahoe and Wedding
Lodi was a quaint Farmer's Market fresh winery town and the wedding was a personal gathering that could not have gone more smoothly. Adam officiated the marriage and brought tears to eyes as he added a personal appeal to the ceremony.

Had the Volvo due for its service and was given the Mercedes Benz for the afternoon.

Trying to show off my beer foam mustache.

At Harmony Wynelands where the wedding was held, we danced the night away. Two older gentlemen performed out of their minds and catered to the audience, which is so important.
Not the dancing picture I was looking for, but one from another wedding
The vacation did not end on the highest of notes as my car was broken into in SLC. It was quick stop as we wanted to drive through the night, but needed some rest. Credit cards and backpack were stolen (backpack returned) and charged up the wazoo... Never a good feeling

It was back to reality and anticipation for the much needed weekend home with a race and work travel on the docket.
A few books of worth that I have read, Gone Girl and Gold (haven't gotten that pulled in to a book for a while). Review to come.

Retweeted this by Josh Cox, "The pain of training is nothing compared to the pain of not reaching your potential."

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