Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Which Way?

WY I Run... fitness to hike, get lost, and not give up

Marathon is approaching so fast... getting nervous. Back up to elevation on Friday, hoping the body can keep up

9/26: 8 Miles and 4 Miles
9/27: 10 Miles with 4 x 20
9/28: 10 Miles~ 8 Steady pace in Oakland, CA. 4 Miles around another lake near a school I was visiting.
Had to prep for the long run on Saturday. Grilled Veggie Source Pizza...
9/29: Being on the road and training for a marathon requires lots of running alone, which is great, but when my 22 Miles came along, I knew a group would make it more bearable. I highly recommend this tactic to all of you that travel for work. Research a running group in the area and their policy for new members or guests. The SF Road Runners club, RRCA, which typically allows outside guests, got together on Saturday a.m. and had various paces and length being run.

 I woke up early drove clear across SF to get to Ocean Beach where they met. It was a cool cloudy morning, perfect for a long run. After dividing into pace, I ran my first 10 Miles with sub 8 min/mile group and met some awesome like-minded runners and most importantly got to chat the whole time as the miles ticked away. I waved goodbye at 10 Miles for my 8 x 90 sec surges @ 6:35 with 4 min. rest of MP (7:05) then ran 4 around 7:20 and the last 2, right around 8 min/mile. Finished in 2:44 with a little bit of the marathon ache but stretched and re-cooped the rest of the day.
Got to meet my fav SF gal for dinner around her apt.... waving goodbye after dinner

9/30: Rest Day but planned a casual hike with Brooks School friend, Carolyn to the Tourist Club, a Nature Club serving beer amidst the Redwoods in Mt. Tam National Park which was highly recommended. Well, for a NOLS Representative, held to high standards in terms of map reading, I failed ( Caro did too). We ended up hiking in the entirely wrong direction, 4 Miles, meaning an 8 Mile detour, so when we finally made it, 4 hours, 11 Miles, we drank our beer in celebration.

Tired Smiles!

10/1: 4 Miles on a treadmill which was awful and hard and then 10 Miles by a lake at 95 degrees and really had to tough it out, but made sure to take it really slow.
10/2: 12 Miles, w/u, 6 x 90 Hill repeats, jog down for rest, 4 min and 4 Miles @ MP, c/d

There has been lots of work on the docket and much traveling, traffic and car time. All of the logistical pieces of travel, directions, getting from place to place, meal planning is tiresome and tends to consume most of the time. While, I like the details and getting caught up in this schedule, it drains you and frankly, I am tired of getting lost in a foreign city, getting flicked off, honked at, yelled at trying to make my way from one event to another. Lander bound soon and ready for it.  This area is beautiful and will still call SF one my favorite cities, but landed in the midst of their hottest week, 102... Calling for snow in Lander on Friday. Bring it on!

Keene Valley 2012

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