Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ode to My Popsicle

WY I RUN... to get out in the (finally) cooler temps and bask in the fall days of WY.

10/3: 8 Miles and 4 Miles
10/4: 9 Mile Tempo Interval, set of 2 x 3 Miles, first 2 @ 6:40, then 3rd @ 7:05. Hitting all paces and reaping the physiological effects, sea level has treated me well.
10/5: 8 Miles, the a delayed flight...
10/6: 12 Miles, 4 Miles and a relaxing hot tub visit with some Swimming.
10/7:  8 Miles and Swim
10/8: 10 Miles with 4 x 20 and 4 Miles
10/9: Tempo Interval: w/u, 3 x3 Miles @ 6:55, c/d. Breezed through this mid-morning and felt great about every mile of it! Finally, takes the harder, body and mind crushing days, to get one of these.

Ode to My Popsicle
Harry Potter glasses, perfectly bald head saunters down the electronic walk way towards Great Lakes Aviation. Much to my surprise (sarcasm) we sip Margaritas during our 3 hour delay.

Popsicle has come to introduce himself to the elk amidst the Wind River Range. 
Early morning, pots of coffee, Adam and dad bundle for snowy, cold, windy days, head to toe with spots of orange and camouflage. With unruly ATV rides, and some hunkering down for spotting, one elk revealed himself. A bit in the distance, the elk was saved, but next year, Dad has other plans. 

Evenings of Maker's Mark, Taken 2, double fisting, ice cream and fudge, Popsicle was a Lander local in no time. One snafu in his travel to the wide open spaces, NO businesses are open on Sunday to entertain the man. His new plan for success, open a Sunday business in Lander. 

However, El Sol knew Nulsen was present and their doors were open for El Suiza burrito and non- iced (yet another) margarita. China Garden also fed the hunters on the late evenings when I sat home only motivated to cook for one. Already familiar with all of Landiego, we traveled to Hudson for "The World's Finest Food." My dad, the meat enthusiast indulged for his final evening in WY  in a Prime Rib and some nasal clearing horseradish.

The wee hours of the morning, I gave my popsicle a ride back to the care of Great Lakes Aviation as they whisked him away on the Beechcraft. Until next time, my popsicle, when the spring flowers pop through the snow and the fish start swimming in the rivers of Wind River Range.

Signing off with Prime Rib
 A sunset to bring with him back to Boston...

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