Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I am here and still running

WY I Run... to cope with the stresses of racing (IRONIC)

10/31: 6 Miles, Easy Swim, Pilates
11/1: 5 Miles and Easy Swim
11/2: 3 Miles
11/3: 9 Miles of fury in Central Park with hundreds of runners. I don't think I heard one lick of English spoken in the park.
11/4:  Back on the training cycle, 16 Miles, 10-15 @ ~ 7, Swim and Pilates
11/5: 10 Miles and 4 Miles
11/6: 3 w/u, 4 x 1.5 @ 6:50 w/ 2 ' @ 7:50, 2 c/d, Walk, Pilates

My NYC Marathon Story (that wasn't)
* There is a bit of TMI, so just browse right over if need be.

Seamless travel to Boston was giving me high hopes for the weekend to come. I chit chatted, giggled and gossiped with mom and Page until 1 a.m. upon my return home. Random, but walked into this:

The next day was spent just relaxing and catching up with the fam. On Friday morning, I got a surprise. My two and a half year delayed menstrual cycle decided to return.. well, hello. Our travels began, with one stop in Rye, then continued on to the city where the traffic was nonexistent since they were only letting cars of three across the bridge. At this point, I thought someone really could be watching out for me. With such little traffic, my dad wanted to book it to the Javitz Center to pick up my packet. We dropped mom at the apartment, then carried on to 11th Ave and 38th, four streets up from the closings. I ran in, got my packet, semi- figured out how I was going to get to the start which was going to involve a 3:30 a.m. wake up call for a 4:30 bus that would either take me to a ferry or the start, but surprise, I wouldn't know until I got there.

As soon as dad and I got back to the apartment, we clicked on CBS... " We are hearing some news that the NY Marathon might be cancelled... oh wait, that's a confirmation, the marathon is cancelled." I turned to my dad, " Are you F**** serious?" With this, the emotions were sort of here nor there, but my dad did notice my stress levels declined dramatically and a sense of me was sort of relieved. As I noted in the last post, I am scared and this was out of my control and while my plans were disrupted, I wasn't meant to run. Dad, mom and I lived it up for the next day with a belated Birthday Cake, runs/walks through Central Park and just quality time with my folks.

Dad at Dylan's Candy Bar

Belated Birthday treat at the famous Serendipity. Can't RUN, EAT Cake

Mile 24 that never was

Dad's fascination with the toy sail boat races in Central Park. Bets were made

The tears came after my 16 Miler on Sunday as my plans started to reform. I am back in training... and at the end if this run, my heel hurt ( I swore it was a stress fracture), my thoughts were my fitness would go un-used. I was downtown, headed to McDonald's to refuel with Chocolate Milk, but they were out of Chocolate Milk, here came the waterfall as the employees stared at me dumbfounded as I took the STUPID plain milk. Again, as I tried to board the train to get home, guess the rates have gone up, sob fest continued to the T employee who reluctantly let me through. Then... the T stopped before my stop and we all had to get off to take an alternate bus further. By the time I walked in my front door, I was speaking in hysteric gibberish out of all of the pent up emotions of the last few days.
Plan: Run the Memphis Marathon Dec 1st
And to end, with my optimistic nature (JOKE and the pessimist within me is only getting worse with age), we still have a 1.3 + Trillion dollar deficit.


  1. It was a tough week to deal w/ how the whole NYC thing went down. Good "Plan B" on Memphis. Keep your head up!

  2. Thanks Jake. Sort of hard to get my head back in the game but I am committed and since I have family in Memphis thought it
    Might be a little bit more relaxed race to switch too. Have to bust out a few more weeks then fingers crossed.

  3. I've run the St. Jude Half Marathon...really enjoyed it. I used to live right near where mile 5-7 and 22-24 are. Some good hills but a really nice gradual downhill finish!

    1. Man, I was worried about those hills. I hope they don't wreck me too much, but the finish looks awesome. My mom is from Memphis and lots of family is still there which is why I chose that. Don't meet too many from Memphis!!
      Any advice would be awesome