Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Execution Theory

WY I RUN... Real situation with real consequences

10/24: 6 Miles, 4 Miles, Pilates
10/25: Easy Swim with Casey, 2 w/u, 2 x3 Miles @7:15, 2 c/d, Walk
10/26: 6 Miles, 4 Miles, Pilates
10/27: 12 Miles, Easy Swim
10/28:  Mountain Bike, Pilates, Easy Swim
10/29: 8 Miles with 4 x 20 and Easy Swim, Pilates
10/30: Easy Cycle, 2 w/u, 3 @ 7:15, 2 c/d, Walk

Just some good 'ole tapering time mixed with some relaxing swims

 Weekly Happenings:

Halloween of course. I pulled myself out of the apartment to get in a little celebration (Halloween/Birthday)
Lance showed off his EPO evidence and I slapped on some kitty cat ears

Spent my birthday moping then finally getting on my mountain bike (gift from Adam) to show those trails what's up.

This may be some word splatter, but I have had a lot on my mind with this marathon approaching.
First, it was my birthday and this gal always gets emotional on her birthday. Either the day before, the day, or after... there is bound to be a melt down and there was. Combined with the NYCM on the horizon, the tears flowed.
As I read tweets, Facebook and other social media outlets, runners are getting excited. They are making it known with comments like, " 6 Dayyyssssss!!! I can't wait." In my head, I want that enthusiasm and all I can think is, I CAN WAIT. As soon as I am faced with an unknown/ fear, I get scared... very scared and want to set my expectations very low. The fear of failure is overwhelming and while I was told this weekend, "this is the dessert of my training," it doesn't feel like it. In the midst of my tantrum, I told Adam, I don't want to run, I don't to go. In my head, I am so much safer sticking around Lander, and not testing my training where there is a possibility of failure. Adam told me, 'you don't have to go, no one is making you.' As he spoke these words, I was furious, but he was right and this is a risk I wanted to take. We all know, failing is relative. While, I want to set goals, I don't want them to be unattainable but at the same time want to push myself; what I trained to do. This is why after five marathons, while I still do have some idea of time goals and freak out every time I see my P.O.A. from Jeff, my goal is proper execution. Because this my friends is what the marathon is all about. It is the hardest concept looking at the slower times for the first 2/3 of the Marathon, knowing, it all comes down to the last 10k and I don't have any minutes banked for a buffer. But if executed well, the slower time will only enhance my finishing kick while banking time ( as told a million times before) could cost me more minutes with acid build up and glycogen depletion in the end. So my friends, EXECUTION is where it's at for the NYCM and while I am not sure how I will handle the looming time goal in my mind, I will try to tame it while embracing my dessert and hopefully putting the cherry on top~


  1. Best of luck at the race!! The week before the marathon is so mentally challenging...be confident in your training and plan. Just think how far you've come since that stress fracture earlier this year!!

    1. Thank you Andrea... it is always a mental struggle when you lower your mileage and aren't running fast before the big day. I have a few workouts to pull from my mind for the rough patches. Hope you are starting to finally heal up

  2. Good luck in NYC. Anyone who is honest with themself will admit that they have those "Why am I doing this?" moments in the week leading up to a marathon, even when training has gone perfect. Its all part of the marathon game.

    1. It always nice to get those affirmations from my peers and speedy marathoners like yourself knowing I am not alone with some doubt kicks in, but like you said, ' It's part of the game.' Thanks Jake

  3. Fucking Adam, such a reasonable asshole. LOVE the track marks by the way, hahaha.

    Sounds like you've got a good plan going, not sure of the specifics, but my two cents:

    1. Process, process, process. I give my kids a 3 point checklist before a race. 3 things that they are they're only focus during the race. After the race, they grade themselves on a scale of 1 (wait, I was supposed to do that?) to 5 (Wait, there were other competitors?). This way, I FORCE them to focus on the process, and not the product. We'll talk about product early in the season, and occasionally mid season when they're in need of a little motivation, but in my experience, focusing on the product nearly always leads to stress/meltdowns etc., and rarely to improved performance.

    2. Turn it around, this is your chance to SHOW OFF. You've worked your ass off for a long time. You've put in more work than 99% of the people you know, this is the time to relax and have a blast by putting that fine machine you've built to use. You've spent your time developing your body into something that should be CELEBRATED by kicking ass. And sure "It's my party, and I"ll cry if I want to," but it's so much more fun to get all boozed up and throw down on the dance floor right? Racing should be the same way. Get some swagger!

    1. That's the goal... don't leave any of this damn training wasted. I really appreciate the feedback and will nail my three goals down today. A time NOT being one of them, trying to avoid meltdowns. Now lets hope they don't re-route the race to climb hiding hills in NYC. Hope all is well and seems like you crushed it on the mountain bike this summer... can't say I did the same, but it has been fun to get off the road.