Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No such thing as Perfect

WY I RUN... To manage the ins and outs of daily life

11/14: 8 Miles, 4 Shakeout Miles, Easy Swim
11/15: 10 Miles w/ 4 x 20, 4 Shakeout Miles, Pilates
11/16:  An early bird special before I flew back to WY. A 3:30 a.m. wake up call and 10 Miles: 1 w/u, 8 Steady, 7:15-35,  1 c/d
11/17:  Last 22 Miles with 8 x 90 sec. 6:35 surges with 4 min r @ 7:05. Traveling and coming back up to elevation made for a tough run on Saturday. I was prepared and ready to take it on. I started at Mile 10 with the surges and was feeling good, running 5 min. (due to mis-reading) in b/w them. At one point, I was hurting, I couldn't run harder and I tend to get pulled into these crying fits and as soon as this happens, breathing loses control and hyperventilating ensues, mixed with elevation, this did not look pretty. I caught myself twice in these fits, but carried on and finished out the workout. While the last few miles were slow after the 'effort' portion and the aches were noticeable in my legs. I finished and I got in the effort that was needed. I still have other long runs, to draw from in my mental bank when I am tired at the end of the marathon and while this may not be one of them, each run teaches me more.
11/18: Hike and Swim
11/19: 10 Miles, 4 Miles and Pilates
11/20: Last Tempo run, ~10 Miles. It was 4 Mile at tempo and 4 as fast as I can. I was weary of this workout since I did not hit it last time. Besides one cramp and some cursing, I lied and justified my way through it. I love the gimmicks we runners come up with just to get the next mile down. In my head, "Pearson, just get to that pole, just one more mile and then your favorite stretch and then your are basically done so you might as well keep going." I guess whatever keeps you running.

Back at home, I got to help my dad out with some demolition derby. Now, this is not easy work and I had to dress to prepare.

Professional Attire


Adam and I also jumped the gun a bit on holiday cheer and went out with our tree permit to find our Christmas tree and while it is not Perfect, Christmas season can never come too soon (unless it is Adam whistling holiday tunes) then it can.

Started here...

Found what we were looking for

Then ended the evening like this

A little topic I wanted to consider today, picking the "Perfect" marathon. Don't lie, because everyone wants it and I think directors these days are trying to design them. That slow gradual downhill, but not too much to dominate the quads, sea level, tailwind all leading to that Personal Best. I have spent hours analyzing elevation charts as if there is the 'one' I am looking for and it will pop out at me with flashing colors.  As I geared up for NY, knowing there were some hills (bridges) throughout and some downhill spots as well, I mentally prepared myself for what I would endure, trying to keep telling myself, the course wouldn't be too challenging. I always say to myself, next time I will choose a race which will be conducive to a PR. The truth is, you never know. Hills come and go and some courses are definitely more challenging than others, cue Pikes Peak, but what matters more is the training you have put in, hopefully not all on one flat or downhill stretch and your mind going into the race. As much as I want this PR race for myself, I have step back and realize I have put in the training and a slight downhill here, an uphill here is not how I should utilize all of my mental training. I am now running the Memphis Marathon and at first glance, the elevation does not look appeasing.

Again, I can tell myself there won't be hills and I have trained on harder hills, but the fact of the matter is, there will be hills, but I can charge up them. While this does not bode well for the fastest marathon ever, it actually helps me let go of some of my expectations, readjusting my state of mind, knowing that this course will produce challenges and I am willing to take them on.

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