Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Let's get this show on the road

WY I RUN... bring me out of afternoon slumps

12/12: 4 Miles, Elliptical and a Swim Lesson, which  has saved me when not running. As I develop my technique, my love for the pool gets stronger.
12/13: Aqua Jog and Gentle Flow Yoga. While I know it is good for me to do, it can definitely be boring.
12/14: Swim and Bike
12/15: Backcountry Skiing with Adam. We went to an area where I had never ventured and it was one heck of a day.

Here is a sneak peak of my 'not-so-awesome' ski skills, but giving it a shot.

Couldn't hold on one moment longer for my sandwich
I like to ski a lot ( but am not proficient) and until recently, realized that I did not have to be in pain, skinning into the backcountry. Your shins didn't have to feel like your were taking a sledge hammer to them every movement. Turns out resort boots are rigid and not made for a skin into the backcounty. I have 3 years under my belt and I bet I can tough it out a bit longer. It snowed, the sun shined, it was ideal. In regards to the amount of snow, any snow to me is good snow, I would says the 'odd were in our favor.'

12/16: 6 Miles and Nordic Skiing. It was our first time up to the trails and while a little thin, what an awesome sport. 
12/17:  5 Miles, Elliptical, Core and Aqua Jog
12/18: Swim, w/o of 6 x 200 w/ steady/fast and 8 Miles- 4 @ Tempo to get the legs moving again. I love it so much, feels so good to push again

Adam and I have continued on our 'Togetherness' although I am slipping off the train a bit. Last week, we sang Christmas songs, Got a coffee drink together, Baked good and delivered (to the Holiday party), worked out together, bought each other gift >$5 (I gave him Mint Chocolate M&Ms and I received a ping pong travel set). It has been fun to continue but as the holidays/ travel near my tolerance for the activities gets lower and lower and causing more stress than cheer. Perspective Pearson Perspective ( a tape recorder that need to be running through my mind at all times). 

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