Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Real World: Lander

WY I RUN... No longer constantly in an exhausted fatigued state. I have briefly re-entered the real world via Christmas parties, coffee dates, backcountry skiing and more.
Do I enjoy the social world? Yes
Do I want to get back into training? Yes
For a Marathon? No
For some shorter races? Yes

12/5: Aqua Jog, Zumba (Yes, I did it) and a Massage!
12/6: Pilates,, Swim and Easy Spin
12/7: Aqua Jog, Walk and Short strength Circuit
12/8: 3 Miles, Elliptical, Circuit and Spin
12/9: Back on skis for the first time since my fractured femur... Wahooo! It was so much fun getting back out there, but I do have to say if you were to ask me when I am fallen over in 3 ft. of snow after a long skin and run down, tears may be running down my face. But then, like many things, I forget that part and rave about the good time.

Cuz came over from Jackson. Why do I always look like a whining 5 yr. old in ski gear? I am

On top of Two Oceans
 12/10: 4 Miles, Elliptical, Circuit, and Walk
12/11: Swim, Pilates and Easy Spin

Adapted from CarrotsnCake #24 Days of Togetherness. Adam and I introduced 14 days since we started a little late. So far...
1. Three things we love about each other (it took an entire 40 Miles to an xmas party for Adam to think of his 3rd... he made it)
2. Watch a Christmas Movie; The Santa Clause
3. Make Ornaments

Adam outdid me in the creative dept. His is top left

4. Eat a Christmas chocolate-- we let post-backcountry skiing hot chocolate count
5. Find the house in Lander most decked out in holiday cheer.
There was moving carousel in the yard...almost jumped on!

Still resting and recovering from so much running, letting all of the nagging aches drift away. If there is one thing I learned from my injury, I learned how to keep sane and not run. While I am excited to get back to some lung burning, ' I think I might die' workouts, the pool and bike can entertain me until then.

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