Wednesday, January 2, 2013

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

A few of my favorite things, collide. BOOM
Running, Keene Valley, Christmas, Snow, my sisters, Adam, Endorphins, and a Proposal
WY I RUN...for the unexpected. After a medium effort cutdown run, a walk up the snowy road, Adam opted to be with me for the rest of his life!

Workout (Skipping a week):
12/25: Cut down, 9 Miles and Snowshoes Trek (Christmas gift)
12/26: 6 Miles, a few hikes
12/27: Steady Run, 8 Miles, Snowshoe and Core
12/28: 14 Miles and walk downtown in Boston
12/29: 8 Miles after long flight and core
12/30: Elliptical, Circuit, and Classic Nordic Skiing on Casper Mountain
12/31: 8 Miles and Skate Skiing
1/1: 8 Miles: 11 x 400 @ 6:20 with 100m jog b/w, done on the treadmill

So we drove up to our sleepy little town of Keene Valley for Christmas

Christmas Eve we got together with family to enjoy a authentic Swedish meal made by my cousin's mother. The traditional Aquavit was taken in typical fashion.
Carter's diggin' in

Taken with Page's chique Polaroid

Dad's going for the shot

After church, which ends with us all lighting candles circling around signing Silent Night, we headed back up to the house. Having already listened to my uncle read 'Twas the Night before Christmas,' we got snuggly by the fire and then finally retreated to our beds. We woke up to the snow falling, the smell of my dad whippin' up some bacon and his favorite Rod Stewart Christmas tunes. I walked down to this...

And this...
For some reason the headlamp always needs to stay on

The whole morning was drawn out and relaxed. Just the way you want it to be as a child, but never is because you can't rip wrapping paper fast enough. So much coffee, pancakes, and bacon. We started on stockings and continued to Santa's gifts. Santa was way too nice to me. Finally, we brought our gifts upstairs. I had to get my cutdown run in and Page came along for the first few miles while Adam tried to hang for the whole thing.

I made sure to wait for him for the last two miles which were up our dirt road to the house. It was snowing and I was commenting on the beauty and peacefulness of our Christmas. We finally got the chance to walk after an awesome workout and the endorphins were flowing. Adam turned to me and told me he had one more gift. He first pulled out one of his Grandmother's linen napkins with an 'A' embroidered on it. Confused, I remained engaged (no pun intended). He told me, that he wanted to give it to me because I would be the last Alspach girl as he proceded to get down on to this knee to ask me to marry him. Smiles, giggles, hugs and then I took off up to my house where I greeted my parents and sisters with screams and they replied with sobs, laughs and smiles. Whoooooooeeeeeeee, that was a doozie of a run!

I captured where he kneeled
 I didn't want the day to end, but it did with another family cocktail party where I got to show off my beau some more as well as the ring. Some beef stew and that was my Christmas 2012. Back to Boston for some coffee and drinks with so many old, dear friends from home.

I swear, the ducks aren't my only friends
 Then back to Wyoming for the greatest present ever, Wii Dance

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