Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Shirley temple with a Cherry on top

Don't tell me this wasn't your favorite drink growing up... I tend to order seltzers with lime... a lot, but if I was 5 again, it would totally be a shirley temple.

WY I RUN... seeing how smelly I can make one article of clothing

It has been almost a year from the beginnings of my stress fracture and amidst the adoption of all my new routines; re-fueling, stretching, strengthening, my body has been my friend. Unfortunately, we have had a fight over slippery surfaces once again and some irritated ankle tendons are throwing a fit. This is where my knowledge of injury and perspective says a few days off is better than weeks, but emotions still tug on my heart at the thought of breaking the schedule.

1/2: 6 Miles, Elliptical and Swim
1/3: Aqua Jog, 11 Miles~ Hills Sprints and Short Tempo
1/4: 6 Miles Elliptical, Core and Bike
1/5:  Backcountry skiing with Adam. Met up with Amy, Casey and some others out in the most beautiful country.

A view of the Tetons from Togowtee Pass

As always, stylish gal on the mountain

Found friends in the middle of nowhere = Super popular
1/6: 13 Miles Easy and played the shut eye game the rest of the day. Honestly, couldn't go 10 min before falling asleep again. Weird
1/7: 8 Miles, Core and Elliptical ( in lieu of p.m. 4 Miles... Go good judgement)
1/8: Intervals: 2 w/u, 8 x 800@ 6-6:05, 3 min r', 2 c/d- After ice and keeping the foot in support, I ran the workout with no pain. I have some residual soreness right now, but am going to continue with this routine until the tendons can fully repair and then I will try and strengthen them.

I don't think anyone doubts that I love to run. But I think there is more to this... I love all aspects of running;  from how to heal an injury, nutrition, stretching, strengthening, cadence, physiology...

In the morning I listen to podcasts, in the afternoon I read articles and blogs, in the evening I watch videos or read books pertaining to all of these topics. Obsessed; maybe. Intrigued; of course. Knowledgeable; I am going to toot my horn and say YES. Room for more; Bring it on.

Lately, I have been approached with questions, concerns, thoughts on running. I have read articles on nutrition (igniting emotional responses) and have been asked advice from those whom I look up too. As I am in a constant stage of progressing, eager for more, I have identified my LOVE as a skill. Something that I love and entertains my brain a majority of the time does not come as naturally to others and Voila, I have my niche. Now, how do I utilize this niche and make it work for me? For right now, I am dabbling and testing. I am content with the thought that I can identify this skill now and can set goals in this regard.
Everyone has their own passions and skills, what are yours? What's your cherry on top?

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