Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sleep, train, eat, work (Repeat)

There is something so beautiful about these four things happening over and over again.
WYIRUN... a constant in my life... until injury strikes, but fingers are always crossed

2/13: 6 Miles Easy, Circuit and a p.m. Swim
2/14: Back out to the track, 3 w/u, 1Mile, 3x150, 6x100, 3x200, 2 Mile tempo, 2 c/d. That one was a doozy... shocked my body when I got out the big guns to sprint 100m. One last track...

and p.m. Swim
2/15: Took advantage of the gorgeous Berkeley weather and hopped in a few of their outdoor pools including this one.

Circuit and 6 Miles Easy
2/16:14 Miles Easy and final meal with the cuz at Taste in Mediterranean, yummy!
2/17: Aqua Jog
2/18: 8 Miles with strides and Core
2/19: Finally made it back to Lander and somehow mustered the energy to get up and bust out 800m repeats at elevation on the treadmill. I think Jeff was nice to me. 8 Miles, 6 x 800m
Got back out on my skis on the golf course p.m.

Creatures of habit..
After having been traveling for three weeks and about to embark on another mini work adventure for the weekend to then finally be back for the entire month of March (Gasp!!), I can appreciate more and more my love for routine. The traveling definitely makes the heart grow fonder for these repetitive aspects of my life, so perhaps traveling is good to get me out of that comfort of routine only to desire it more, but it is definitely at an all time high right now.
Some may call this boring, or mundane; some may say " I need to live a little" and while this may be the truth and I do force myself out at times, there is nothing wrong with loving a little routine and consistency in life. With social media so prevalent these days, it is easy to think someone else is doing something cooler than you or having more fun... let me tell you... no one lives a life of constant excitement and spontaneity and everyone has those moments in their daily routine, "Is this the rest of my life" which in turn helps embrace the consistency of life as opposed to fighting it. Right now,  there is so much beauty in eating well, going to bed early, hitting my workouts and sitting at a desk. This does change and sometimes, even I can get the itch for something different, but after having switched it up for the passed three weeks, this is all I want.
While the breakfast changes, the set-up stays the same... don't mess

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