Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why is the Grass Greener?

From the office, to the road, from climbing mountains to seeing friends, from running to skiing... why is it so hard to live in the present?

WYI RUN... Living within each step. When you are pushing yourself to a limit, you can only feel the now.

2/6: Woke at 3 a.m. to drive from San Diego to San Francisco to skip all of the traffic. It worked, but I was beat. Got out for a 6 Mile Run on the pier and then again for a trail run in the afternoon.
2/7: Found another track, not as glamorous this time around, but got in my workout 10 Miles: 5 x 1 Mile repeats and a swim later in the afternoon.
2/8: 7 Miles, Core and a Swim. Met Caro for dinner in SF!
2/9: I got in my 14 Miles before the last fair in Palo Alto
2/10: After driving up to Truckee, I made the decision to jump in a 15k Nordic Race. Oh man, how humbling. I went in with the notion that my endurance would carry me unfortunately, you need skills as well as the ability to ski fast downhill and can't pizza plow. I wasn't last and will be out again so step up my game. I continued to nordic ski all day! My cousin Matty, rocked it.!i=2359959569&k=52KJmjq
2/11: 8 Miles and some more beautiful skiing with Sophie, another cousin... can't beat these views.

Life on the road...
I have been having lots of conversations about future plans, living life, and continuing on a certain track. Whether it is what you want, what someone else wants, or what you are supposed to do. We all make decisions based on a slew of reasons and we are all in it to make the 'right' one. So much so, that we may avoid making decisions, afraid of making the wrong choice.

Sometimes, I catch myself complaining about one thing and then doing something else, only to complain about that as well. It is not so much that I am unhappy, but more a pressure of, 'I should do more' as opposed to relishing in the moment that I am in and being able to advantage of opportunities I have without worrying about making that 'wrong' decision.

Through my travels, I have been able to meet new people, see old friends and ski with my cousins and through each conversation, this theme of, 'What's next?' always arises. As we ski the most gorgeous terrain in Truckee, California or as we eat at a 'farm to table' restaurant located in the heart of San Francisco, we can't help but be drawn to where our life could/should go and how to make it 'perfect' (my least favorite word in the world).

Here is what I have learned; it won't be perfect and may not even be well-balanced, but again, we can work to get there and at the same time enjoy the journey we take. One decision does not (in most cases)  seal the fate of your destiny. One decision is rather a road to travel to another decision and on these roads come obstacles giving us the option to get through, over, under them however we please. As my mission to promote NOLS keeps me on the road and my heartstrings sometimes get pulled back home, I strive to here as much as possible and challenge you to do the same.


  1. "One decision does not (in most cases) seal the fate of your destiny."

    There are no forks in the road, only personal potholes.

    1. I like that one! How's the skiing going? Are you headed up to AK for a race? As you can see from my post, I am in desperate need of more practice!

  2. That last paragraph is awesome. Well said!

    1. Thanks Jake. How SLC isn't too snowy right now and you are able to get out on the roads... the 10k looked brutal. How's the quad/ achilles putting up with some harder workouts? Glad to see Andrea hitting 40mpw, that's huge.

    2. Its coming around - I've got 2 weeks to get it close to 100%, then run 26.2 and destroy it, then I can get it better again :-)

    3. It is crazy to think that we prepare for those type of things. But it is the nature of the beast. I am sure you can tame it until then and finally let it get some lovin' that it needs. When's Phoenix?

  3. Love this post! chasing perfect leads to an endless quest of frustration!
    you were seriously in my 3-favorite cities in California...and I'm so happy I was in one of them while you were here!! I already feel like we need to catch up, and I want to hear about all your travels! I guess that means I need to email you! :)
    I hope you're safely back in Wyoming?! although I think you should return to the glamourous track...eeeeek I LOVE San Diego. Track workouts make me so sore, and I'm still new to the SPRINT aspect of running, but beautiful ocean views and sunshine make it an amazing suffer-fest :)
    we will backcountry ski one day...!!

    1. Ahhh. I am still here. Can you believe it? In beautiful Berkeley today... these outdoor pools seriously cease to amaze me and got on one more track in Santa Rosa yesterday for the last time (there were 100s in my w/o... I didn't even know that was possible). I definitely lucked out with weather through my travels and been in some great places. Next time, you can come out to WY... I am shaping up Boston travels and is looking good for spectating the marathon. I want updates too, lets chat!