Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tugboat, Motorboat...

Nope... Steamboat. After four glorious year in Lander, we are making a change. Details to come.

WYIRUN... pushing myself to the limits running challenges me to do the same in other aspects of life. The journey of progress is an attractive one and is how life can simulate running.

3/6: 8 Miles and Skate Ski
3/7: Easy Swim and 10 Mile Cutdown
3/8: 8 Miles a.m. and 4 MIle p.m.
3/9: A skate ski up the switchbacks in a storm. Setting out for a longer, more arduous ski, we chose an five mile uphill climb and then some to do just that.

On the way up...

My brilliant idea to stop at the windiest, snowiest spot for a pic.
 3/10: Backcountry skiing with fantastic company, Amy and Casey. You couldn't beat the bluebird day and the view of the Tetons, but you could beat the wind crusted snow and repeatedly falling down the mountain skis over head. Ski, stop, flip... We only managed one of these runs and in true melodramatic fashion, I blamed Adam and the mountain the entire way down for my own tribulations
Before the trip down...

I guess this is my 'blue steel'
3/11: 8 Miles, Core and 45 min. Run p.m.-- I think from the time change and tired body, I barely made it through the day, woozy, hungry, tired... bed time of 7:15 cured it!
3/12: a.m. Swim and p.m Workout: 3 w/u, 6x 90 sec. Hill (10% Grade) @6:05 effort, jog down rest, 3 min. Rest, 4 Miles @ 7, 2 c/d

Quick Review: Saucony Women's Virrata II
I just got out of the Virrata II and was hesitant at first to get in them. It was a 0mm drop and I had never solely run in this type of shoe. Usually I workout in 4mm drop and train in 10-12 mm. Verdict, I freakin' loved this shoe. Besides the floppy laces, the lightness, cushion and 0mm worked great with my legs and helped my stride quite a bit. If you are training high mileage and have a good base to work with, strong lower legs, please try these shoes-- like running on clouds without all of the bulk.

Adam and I are trying to soak up every last nook and cranny of this town. Getting out on all of the rocks, snow, roads, trails and spending time with all our favorite people. I am not sure there will ever be enough time to wrap this up... I guess that means, we have to keep coming back to visit. 

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