Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Someone better than Santa Clause is coming to town

WYIRUN... to get my weekly nerves ramped (pre-race jitters) up before a workout

3/13: 8 Miles, Dynamic Core and 4 Miles
3/14: 3:30 a.m. 8 Miles and Wellness Day at White Pine skiing resort about 2 hrs from Lander. A small hill, but skiing the same run over and over with great company and 65 degree weather could not have been more enjoyable. 
Directly stolen from Ms. Amy Rathke
3/15: Morning swim and back to the track for 200m Intervals, ~11 Miles: 12 x 200 with full recovery. They take a toll on my legs but I know it is helping the slogging turnover I have for some shorter distance races.
3/16: Due to Epic Sunday winds, I knew I wanted get my long run in on Saturday and those 18 Miles were cruisin.' I merrily ran along in 2:20 (avg. 7:47), finishing still with a skip in my step (the girl Adam wanted to kill as he ran the first part with me). We mellowed out on a bike ride later in the day and finished with a mother-load of PIZZA and the Lander Talent Show
3/17: 65 mph didn't stop us from getting out on our Nordic skis for some loops at Beaver Creek. Despite almost being blown over on the way to the truck, the skiing rocked. We managed to get into the hot tub later and swim some laps.
3/18: 8 Miles, Dynamic Core and 4 Miles
3/19: Morning swim and ~10 Miles with 800 Intervals. As I shook in my boots (danskos) before this workout, I knew I just needed to get out there. There is something very scary about 800s; short enough to reach that threshold and (almost) max speed but long enough to be toooooo long. To try to stick to the game plan, I ran 8 repeats trying to do a short brisk 200m jog in b/w for a 5k specific workout. My rests were slower than assigned, but was able to hit 800s @ 6:04-15 pace. Trying faces, puking sounds and cursing thoughts enveloped me from #4-6.

In much bigger news.........

Page, my baby sis, is coming to town. If any Lander folk are reading, be at the Gannett Grill @ 6 p.m. to see what she is all about.

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