Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chuck E Cheese is Totally Epic

My title is a direct quote from my colleagues 4 yr. old son. When asked where he learned it, his dad, was the answer.

WY I RUN... social outings. This morning, I hopped on board accompanying another colleague running down to her yoga class. It made for an entertaining half of a run.

5/8: 8 Miles and Swim
5/9: First trip to the track and it did not go well at 5 a.m. Elevation, early mornings, and other activities made for tired legs and almost impossible to hit prescribed paces. The frustration is setting in considering my rock n' roll paces in February at sea level as well as what I was running in Lander. I think patience is the name of this game.
5/10: 8 Miles and 4 Miles
5/11: 14 Miles with Adam and meeting his parents downtown. Not running up the LWS hill is always a blessing. Tested Adams strength on my new found Mountain Bike ride, "Devil IN disguise" but made him do it on a road bike. Heheh
5/12: I took Adam on the Emerald Mtn Ride, the only one I have been on and we topped off 40 Miles before he left. I went down to the Hot Springs to relax and swim.
5/13: 8 Miles, Core and 4 MIles
5/14: Tested out the track again and another fail... or not fail, but hard effort. I ran 10 x800 and can't believe I actually hit 10 repeats, because my legs were lead by #1 and didn't think anymore than 4 was possible. Again, I had to adjust my expectations, but continue to crave the ultimate acclimation to be back on the ball.

I dedicate this image to @arathke... and there is a baby cow standing behind her mommy just in case yo didn't notice

I have no internet or television where I am currently staying and have been doing loads of reading. Today, in the local Valley Voice I read an article on the 30 Reasons to Love Books and these were my favorite...

They make you feel safe if you have them near- because you know that whenever you like, you can just slip into another world and ignore everyone

They can be your secret stories you don't have to share with anyone

You know they'll always be there for you, and they're stable. They never change, so they can help you grow.

Books are full of adventures that change every time you read it

When you find a book that adheres to your current situation, you don't feel quite so alone

Does anyone else get these feelings from a good read?


  1. Pearson
    I love your blog...I think that it makes me want to get in shape so that I can feel the exhilaration.

    1. Well, it's nice to know that someone is reading it!! It would be more awesome if you got back on the bandwagon because it. Then you could use your new found fitness to play in the mountains with us!