Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I think I can, I think I can

WYIRUN... Uphill battles
New faces, new living, new roads, new trails, new foods, and a new job. It all seems to be a lot like trudging uphill. I know, one day, I will be cruising downhill. But between running and work, the inefficient motor doesn't stop. Accepting these challenges and relishing in newness is where I am telling my state of mind to go, but sometimes, it gets the best of me. 

For some reason these hills look puny in the pictures, let me tell you, THEY ARE NOT
5/1: Swim and 6 Miles
5/2: 8 Miles, Core and Mountain Bike
5/3: 8 Miles and Road Cycling: Made it to the bike shop, they screwed up my bike computer and I continued on in a huff.
5/4: 12 Miles, Hike and Mountain Bike

Hill, after hill, after hill

5/5: Met some girls in town for a bike ride. A little trepidation washed over me, not being the strongest cyclist, but decided to take advantage of the opportunity of riding with an old friend of my cousin's from NY. The day was cool, the pace was prime and the hills were often, but 40 Miles later, I scrounged my way back up to school, a hungry hungry hippo. I took advantage of my Hot Springs membership and swam and basked in the warm waters.
5/6: 8 Miles, Core and 4 Miles
5/7: 10 Miles: 3 tempo miles followed by 4 x 4 minute intervals. I am still scoping out the flat roads and running scene, but woke up early to drive down to lower ground to make the run as nice as possible. It still was not that nice to me. It was dark, early, raining, and not the time of day that I have previously been doing my workouts. Surprise... my schedule has been rocked in a big way and again, I am making my way up hill to get to the top.

On a total separate note and a realization that I did not want to slide by...
A life without mirrors. 
Where I am staying, there is no wireless internet, no television and only 'head shot' mirrors, a.k.a. No full length. This is something I obviously had not thought about previous to moving, but not having a full view of myself each morning, afternoon and evening has swept away lots of negative body image. Out of sight, out of mind... definitely not a solution but steps toward less contemplation and less vengeful thoughts about the body that carries me on run after run after run. 

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