Thursday, June 13, 2013

Forget me NOT

WYIRUN... I am still running, I promise
While, blogging may have shifted on my to-do list, I still want to try to keep up as best as possible and at least record the harder workouts as I continue to acclimate to 7,000ft.

I read this recently and having encountered so many people who use this as a justification for their actions, myself included, it was uplifting to see it on paper and obviously as a trend. EVERYONE is soooooo BUSY, which in turn can be validity to their self worth. Let's hope society can calm down soon!

Workouts... from where I left off:
5/30: 3x2 Miles at 6:50. After running the half significantly faster, there was still some effort involved. 7000ft compared to 5400ft is a whole new world. It seems as though you can never recover and fatigue is constant (I have since re-started Iron which was adding to the problem). Paces were 6:45-50 and was able to feel in control. Perhaps we are getting somewhere at this elevation
6/4: w/u, 1 Mile, 1000, 800, 600, 400, c/d with full recovery in between. Having to still wake up early to get in track workouts, it bodes difficult for my fast twitch to fire, especially this one in the freezing cold and with numb legs. After thinking I had some momentum, this pulled me back a bit. The acid pooled quick in my legs and breath seemed to be uncontrollable on some repeats. I did fight until the point of exhaustion until the last 400 to call it a day.
6/7: A steady run to tire my legs for the long run. I had w/u, 6 @ 7:05-30, c/d. It was more difficult than I had intended, but there goes to show this recovery thing which doesn't happen very fast up here.
6/8: 16 Miles, 8x90 sec. at 6:35 w/ 4 min r, starting at Mile 8. A nervous wreck before this workout, I started early but not early enough.The heat came on fast. I figured a route that did some climbing for the first 8 to then came down, but the heat and headwinds made it just as or more difficult than any tempo running. I held on as best as I could through the intervals, but broke before the last one, chugging water until a belly ache at a gas station and almost breaking down on the highway. These happen, I know and am ok with my effort but want to start having some perky legs!!
6/11: Here comes the sun. 16 x 400 on the track... while the paces weren't to worry-some. I never know these days, especially at 5 a.m. 16 is always a hard number to comprehend in general but with full rests, I stayed consistent with rather little pooling of acid between 1:26-28. More than anything, it was a confidence builder to not be lightyears away from intended paces.
After, I had a workout in the kitchen, where  I won, using my resourcefulness of having no baking ingredients and using Olive oil and cottage cheese for Adam's Banana Bundy Birthday Cake

6/13: And today, I made it through a tempo at a friendly pace, sticking to 7 min for 6 Miles. My qualm about this town is finding any flat road to make these happen without climbing for 100s of feet. Except the track, there is really is nowhere that extends long enough for these runs... I have tried some routes and am still working on it. This morning felt strained at the end, but pretty good throughout.

In other news, my mom sent me one of my old dresses perhaps for a flower girl and it is teeny, like doll size teeny, but so cute.

And.. this would be so much easier in regards to name change and marriage.

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