Thursday, June 20, 2013

Swinging around the 'Boat

Someone in this big wide world of web tell me if I should venture on to the trails this weekend and enter an uphill/downhill race that will hurt like heck and tear me up??
WYIRUN... so many different types of running. I guarantee you, running a grade of 18% is a different hurt then pushing the 6 min pace.

6/12: 8 Miles and Cycling
6/13: Tempo w/ 6 @ 7 min. Swim and Mtn. Bike (sort of)
6/14: 8 Miles a.m. and 4 Miles p.m. Easy Swim
6/15: 14 Miles a hair cut and Mustang Roundup.
In search of an open water practice swim, Adam and I ventured to Stagecoach reservoir where some boats populated the open waters. We therein found a cove. After basking in some rays, we finally made the move, Adam into his stuffed sausage suit and me sleekly into my ever so flattering wet suit. Off we went, trying to spot, defying the cold and praying there were no sharks.
6/16: Sunday was supposed to be the day of fun activities sans running. There were some clouds, Kristin and I had plans to go up Emerald Mountain on our bikes and Adam was off to a baseball game. 25 min into the ride, the incessant spinning motion occurred and my chain had broken. I coasted my way down the mountain, pouted to the 'fix it' department, had a new one put on and eagerly started back up the mountain alone. Once I had penalized my body enough, I started downhill where I consequently flipped my bike over my head only for it to land on me.

Needless to say, I had had enough of this bike thing for the day.
6/17: 8 Miles and 4 Miles. I finally made it to my first Master's swim class and boy does the swimming go by faster when you get to learn all these fancy drills which take more concentration than deciding between one more 100 or 200
6/18: The workout planned is one that has shown up on the schedule before and I haven't decided whether I like it or not. The pro, is that I hit it every time I have done it and it works different systems than I am used too. It consists of a warm up, 1tempo mile, some 150s, 100s, and 200s followed by 2 tempo miles and cool down. Running the 6:30 range has slowly become more comfortable as I have acclimated.

Flyer gazing has been leading me to community events in Steamboat...

After taking a book from my mom before my trek back to CO in May, I noticed that it was the Steamboat Springs Library Book club book for the month. A fun read, I joined the club whom generationally surpassed me, but sparked engaging conversation and perspective which I would not have otherwise noticed. Considering what I thought was simply going to be my plane read turned into another door open.
"Adam, the Art Depot has swing dancing lessons tonight" I yelled out the door to our only dining area as they polyurethane every floor in the house we are occupying. There we had it, I stayed up past 7 p.m. to mimic (try our best) Holly and Matt in the few simple moves they taught us. As Adam and I continued to work on these steps, some older folks were way more versed in their skill sets and Adam and I looked like the drowning few amongst professional swimmers! And we thought running was hard...

Now, one of you running Gods let me know if I should run on Saturday?


  1. You should venture on to the trails this weekend and enter an uphill/downhill race that will hurt like heck AND BE TOTALLY AWESOME.

    1. You had to do that to me. It's happening! Now, I need to figure out a way to disassociate with pain in my legs

    2. Don't DISSassociate, Associate! Recognize that it's making you better: "The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in war." The uphills are GREAT for your central adaptations (heart, circulatory), and the downhills are awesome for eccentric loading, core strength, and agility! It'll totally make you a better road runner.