Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mom Missed Me

Looking back at my last post, it is as though years have passed and the clock has for sure, not stopped ticking. My mom told me this morning she missed posts, which, while I have had a post ruminating, was the exact pressure I needed to get this baby up. And from here, I would like re- prioritize my to-do list and someway fit this little form of relief and expression on there.
WYIRUN... Using workouts and emotions as a direct correlation to what life throws my way. For right now, I am facing... Anticipation.

Which is probably one of the reasons I haven't gotten a blog up. Anticipation has been plaguing me, to the point of paralyzation which comes from the fear of failing. After such a long hiatus, will the blog be what I want? Will I hit paces on this workout, it seems so hard? How will I stay up for dorm duty or continue to duty through the weekend, will I still want wake up early and continue with my routine?

What I am telling myself... 'Pearson, your blog may stink, you may not hit paces, you may be tired, but you have to try and re-asses after you have written SOMETHING, once you start running, and in the morning  .' Let's just say, easier said than done.

After taking Iron for the past month or so, the energy levels are on the up.
Down at sea level for my wedding I was able to get in a few workouts:
7x1 Mile at 6:20-30
2x3 Mile @ 6:40-45.
I came back to Steamboat and did a few more workouts after a week of nausea from the iron. I have been able to get in:
18 Miles with surges of 6:35
2 Mile @7, 1 Mile @ 6:15, 2 @7, 800 @sub-3 and then a mile @7 and a 400.
6 x 1 Mile at 6:10.
I ran the Denver Half Marathon in 1:29 which was okay, although I did not feel totally on top of it and was much hillier than I expected. I am going to to go down to Alabama for a wedding and run at sea level one more time, so stay tuned for that half. I am sort of ready to really prove my fitness and all of the hard work.

The finish line is in sight
I hadn't raced in a while and was thankful to get the rust off and rid of another point of anticipation.

Working on running, working on the job; it seems never-ending. I have been traveling, the front range in CO, TX, Vegas and Tahoe, Thanksgiving is going to be welcome! While in the Sin City, the sins I have committed are turning on air conditioning extra high and taking wayyyy too much food at the complimentary breakfast. Talk about living it up... right here!

And while this is no longer, the beauty remains in tact. If, and only if I can weather through the snow
and.. I am back in the game

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