Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A peek into the past 3 weeks

WYIRUN... the one staple amongst the mayhem

Not going to lie, running has been hard lately, my iron is low, my body tired and mind overwhelmed. I am going to forgo the workout overview and move right on to pictures of my past three weeks.

Having had no hand in my wedding planning, the week prior was a good dose as to what brides feel leading up to their wedding day, but then friends and family arrived in the Adirondacks, Keene Valley, and we rehearsed.

Once I was getting all of the attention, little Johnny wanted to be my friend

Weathering the cold, we were determined to have dinner under the High Peaks...

The Brooks crew united
Then the wedding day came. We started with a skeet shoot...

Which led to the ceremony...

Smiles and joy radiated throughout the weekend.
Precious mom and dad


And we all know, after a wedding ceremony, comes a big party and celebration ensued..

First, dress to be bustled

And as usual, no party is a party without the Brooks crew


And like that, the mountains were all that were left along with a happy and fulfilled bride and groom. What a weekend! And for once, I was spent, no exercise and no voice for this girl. But don't you worry, I got my groove back soon after and we hiked, and ran and hiked and ran until life decided to have us back.

A quick hike up Indian Head

The heat and humidity came back to haunt us

A morning hike up Gothics

Jumping classic

Accompanied our ranger to his post
Returning to Boston, I was able to see some schools in the area for The Lowell Whiteman School and attended a secondary school placement fair.

And then it was back in the game... onto another Brooks wedding in the Hamptons.
We rehearsed again...
And for the first time, I was an Alspach
I am going with the pronunciation of ALL-SPA (for the record)

Of course I gave bunny ears

Together Again...
The lovely bride in lime green

And from here, I kept my promise to stay until the end of the after party (although Charles may disagree) and the same day, I fought back exhaustion and made it to Steamboat Springs and am back to reality.

And with that, a reading from our wedding...

“I am weird, you are weird. Everyone in this world is weird. One day two people come together in mutual weirdness and fall in love.” Dr. Seuss

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