Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Burn Out

WYIRUN... Why not be in a second relationship??

For some reason, running a half marathon after my cousin's wedding seemed like a good idea. Until it was about 10 degrees and blowing a million mph and the race started 15 min. late. I was clearly not prepared for the frigidness of Birmingham, Alabama.

The race... well, I struggled starting at Mile 4; did I go out too fast?? Not really, because I ran a negative split. I used a the 2nd placed to girl to reel myself in and it was the little motivation I had to finish strong. My legs were stiff starting off and finally warmed up, but running up and down steep hills winding through neighborhoods into head on winds, I was not impressed with what I thought was going to be a flat, fast course. Oh well. Mom and dad were to cheer me on, which is always the best. Dad and Carter even duked it out in the 5k. I finished in a 1:28, slower than I anticipated and 2nd Female.

Cursing the race directors

I have heard you can burn out on running. I didn't think this was possible and still have trouble accepting that this is what I might be facing at this moment. And I think the reality for me is, it is not burn out from running and I am not in an ' I hate running' phase, but I am in a place where the thought of training hard through the winter is daunting. What?!? Between the pressure I put on myself and the fatigue in my legs, I am just not sure I can cut without a serious mental turn around.

The plan was the to run a target marathon in New Orleans on Feb. 2nd. That gives me two months to go ALL-IN! Right now, after racing last weekend, I just can't go all in. I still love to run, I love to breathe hard, but I need some time. Some time enjoy the early mornings, some time to not go to bed anxious about the workout to come and what surface will be available to run on or where I will most likely hit my paces. So for a few weeks, I am going to run, not worried about my pace, no tempos, no intervals and no hill repeats.

Looking forward since I love goals; I might still go down to New Orleans and visit my sister and perhaps run the half and then target a marathon in June, either in town or elsewhere. But as I had anticipated before, I was making this marathon the 3hr or bust one... and I am not anymore. I am not there yet and I will keep working hard to get there, but I don't need the pressure to run faster than I can, we know that always ends badly. So here I go, on little less intense journey, for now and hopefully the flames will reignite. And for goodness sake, I will in Steamboat now, skiing for fun won't kill me. Will it?
Edited to Add: After talking to Coach Jeff, I am still taking a few week off from intense running and running when I want and listening to a book while aqua jogging when I want. By the end of December we will see where my head os and gauge from there in regards to a marathon.

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