Thursday, December 12, 2013

There's a Big World Out There

WYIRUN... Direct correlation of hard work and reaching specific goals.

So while I noted last time I was going to take some time off from the intensity of running and specific training, sticking to every workout, I ran into a little bloop. After the post, I ran one morning and felt, what was a twinge in my foot. My mentality, 'that's ok', I was going to take the week off anyway. Now, it has been a week and I haven't felt any pain in my foot, but still don't think I am ready to jump  onto the wagon again. Here is where I am a little unsure of what is really going on. I ran short and easy on the treadmill yesterday and while there was no pain in my foot, something after told me I wasn't ready to get back into it yet. I don't know whether this foot thing is a mental excuse to take more time off running or if my instincts that something may transpire is real.
I have had stress fractures before and they result in searing pain, this does not. There is no pain at all for that matter, just this uneasy feeling. My goal with resting it would be to prevent the searing pain and have it heal. I am hesitant to spend hundreds on an x-ray where it might not show and the consensus will be to take 4-6 wk off. Right now, I will try running easy and short again today and see how that goes. From there I will determine whether, I will not run until the week of Dec 23rd.  or just do some easy running. Either way, I think I will finish out December easy and see what the new year has in store for me. If I get 70 more miles in this month, I will hit 3,000 for the year. Could be a reason for the burn out ;)

(these are varied, which has been awesome since I have submitted to a week of NO running)
11/30: The 24 hr. Flu which knocked me out
Week of 12/2: I dabbled in Spinning, Elliptical and Aqua Jogging workouts.
12/7: Master's Swim Class: I was the only one there and Coach Jill rocked my swimming world. I have never felt as though I might throw up in a pool and WOAH was that a wake-up call. Her coaching tactic made me want to push harder and harder hitting the timeS she had allotted for me on each set.

Later, I frolicked in the Backcountry with Nikki, Adam H. and Adam and while I was not the steadiest on my skis, it was so fun to get out there and not worry about my long run.
The next day we ventured to the Mountain. As I rode the chair lift up, I heard shouts of 'this is an epic day,' 'what a special day' below me. Between the lack of people and abundance of freshly fallen snow, these people were having a heyday. I tried too!! With some loosey goosey boots ( add inserts), still getting used to being back out there, I did not fall into the woop woop category.
Look mom, No skis!
But... you know who can cheer you up on days like this... THIS man. I did not get to sit on his lap, but his bowl full of jelly did the trick.

And a handmade wreath from Mom for the school also helps.

And while I won't be chillin' with these super cool cats for the holidays, I will miss them just the same and get to see the one on the left for a hot second in Jackson... Thank goodness. This french goddess has finally returned.

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