Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Do you need some snow?

WYIRUN... Back to a plan
I knew it snowed in Steamboat and winters were white and lasted a long time, but I also thought it sometimes stops snowing. As of right now, I am thinking it doesn't ( I am not complaining, because if it is going to snow, then let it snow).

Two days before vacation began, the full moon was out and the adrenaline was pumping. I pulled Adam from bed at 3:30 a.m. to hike up the Mountain at Steamboat Resort. The best way to ski... with no one.

I fell for some doggies over a weekend... I know, shocking, but the multiple walks pre-xmas through the snow were delightful.

Christmas in Casper was a success. Santa was very kind and here I am in my sleeping bag, also known as my new winter coat... Now, shorts to the gym are kosher.

From Casper to Jackson, we crossed paths with some cool dudes, Cait and Riley. The unexpected stop at the Hatchet below Togwotee pass was the most awesome post x-mas present.

And then I got to see her, Pagey-Poo! Post full day skiing (as an 11-year old) at the bar. Why not hang your tongue out.

Two nights on my cousins floor lead us to an awesome hockey game where his roommate (a college friend) fought his way to two victories.

The last morning in Jackson brought us some yummy Bunnery and an added visit  from Page. We were sending a picture to mom since she was a little jealous that Dad got a pic first. Love you Mom

The rest of vacation was a low key New Years with powder skiing ( a day of skiing I actually loved) and jumping back on a Training schedule.. woo hoo. I have been loving it. Without total commitment to each decision, I have punted the NOLA Marathon or Half and decided perhaps on the June marathon in Steamboat (staying local) and... Snowshoe Races

3 Masters classes, one that was 2 hrs long and about 5,000 yds. With a coach, it is incredible how sport can grow on you. Each class has given me so much momentum in the pool.

Run: As of now, there has been 6x 800m, 3x 2 Mile and a 5 MIle Tempo all on the treadmill which I have slowly been able to warm up too. This always happens, I adapt and then I can't go back to roads. The mental strength and treacherous-ness of the treadmill will help on land... I keep telling myself.

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