Tuesday, September 16, 2014

14,259 ft. Mark our 1 Year Anniversary

WYIRUN... to be able to climb mountains too.

For literary entertainment, I will do my best to create an analogy between hiking Long's Peak and our first year of marriage. Here goes:

We started in the dark, sort of like the beginning of our marriage. Right before we were married, we embarked on our next phase of life, moving from our home in Lander, WY and starting new jobs. While I had my job secured, housing was up in the air and Adam's employment, undetermined. The headlamp indicated that we could see a little. We knew we loved the town of Steamboat Springs, we knew we were getting married and that I had a job. From there, we could scramble to the top with the little light we had.
We were married in September, Adam landed a job where his new co-workers welcomed him with open arms, making banking exciting, and we were moved with our belonging squared away. The sun was rising and we started to see what lay ahead. It was all new and exciting and adrenaline carried us through mayhem and exhaustion.

We settled into a routine, with an even clearer vision of our goals and maneuvering through our married life.

What I wanted to say was that the Keyhole on Long's Peak represented the keys we found to marriage. But, then I would be lying. Has anyone won the game of marriage, I don't think so. What I can say is, it takes a lot of communication and transparency to weave through the highs and lows of a relationship and I probably did not stop talking (Communication) from the moment we stepped on the trail to this Keyhole. The adrenaline carried us this far and you get to a check point and realize, there is sooooooo much more to go. This is both exhilarating and soul-crushing, especially as the oxygen thins. 

Long's Peak Keyhole
This is the storm hut in case the wind, hail and rain rolls in. We were lucky, not a cloud in sight for us. But we all know marriage can bring in some storms, but with simple tactics and perhaps a shelter, we come out with more experience on the other side.

Just following the bulls eyes...If only you could follow the bulls eyes of life.... but what fun would that be?

Sometimes, you just got to stop, take a deep breath (or try) and carry on. Each step seemed harder and harder as I climbed the vertical slope in Saucony Kinvaras (not the prime shoe choice). But, we all make choices, reap the results and charge ahead.

The look of sass explains my frustration towards those rocks.

The summit before 8:30 a.m. and the smiles came out from hiding. When we conquer challenges or reach goals, we need to relish in the moment... until, it's time to move on and reach for the next.

Of course, you need snacks before you do so...

From one thing to another... as the high wears off, reality sets in and we have to finish our journey by making our way back down the mountain. We take turns leading, reflecting on the adventure up and already conspiring about our next endeavor.

Down isn't as easy and its gets to a point where the trail head can't come soon enough, but as you drag on, the achievement filters back through your head. In our marriage, we push each other. With different strengths and weaknesses, there is no taking the easy way out with Adam and I. Its hard, I cry, we bicker, there is stress, but there is love, support, courage and fight. And with that, we hiked Long's Peak and have many more peaks climb.

Sometimes, it may seem insurmountable, but with small steps, Adam and I march (sorry Adam, walk slowly) ahead.

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