Friday, September 26, 2014

Ready to roll and Go Wyo

WYIRUN... something to improve upon (alluding to getting beat out on a run at the Desert's Edge Triathlon)

A few weekends ago, Adam and I both singed up for the Desert's Edge Triathlon

After the tack incident, I wanted to give it a go. We drove down on Saturday, camping at the venue that night and a quick ride on the course. I was a little lethargic headed down there, thinking 2 hours was a lot to drive for a race where I felt the normal feelings of, 'this is going to hurt,' ' I don't want to try hard,' and 'why do I do this?'

Heather Gollnick had come down from SBS too and all of the women started together. On the morning of the race, the weather was fantastic and we had decided to work together on the swim. As soon as the gun went off, I wanted to try. I felt Heather on my feet for a little over the first half of the swim and finally did a little stopping to get her up front. This was great until we swam directly into the sun and I am instantly blinded. Regardless, we got out of the water at around the same time. I transitioned quickly to get out first and then try to keep Heather in my biking sights. Oops. Didn't work and without any time or mph gauge, I was just pushing and debating in my head whether it was hard enough. In the end, most top women biked faster than I did, but my swim and run made it up. Stopping on a false flat to check if my tire was flat did not help my time.
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I was excited to get out on the rolling dirt path run. My legs didn't quite have the pep I was expecting and the two laps seemed tough mentally, but I pushed the turn over to get in the groove. Heather was in our sights, and at about Mile 2, a woman passed me. I tried to hang and it seemed like mentally, I wasn't there and didn't have the run training to do so. I kept her there, but a gapped form. As we came into this finish, Heather crossed first, 30 seconds, 2nd woman crossed, 30 seconds, I crossed. It was great to have a competitive race with two strong woman all with our various strengths.

Adam came over in 4th which made our afternoon in downtown Fruita at Camilles Kaffe so much sweeter with some top notch sandwiches.

The following weekend, we satiated Adam with a Wyoming Football game. Our transportation was both on bikes and a car. I rode the first 50 Miles to Laramie, over Rabbit Ears and couldn't have asked for a more scenic ride.

With some family friendly tailgating, we sat in a quiet area of the Wyoming stands where Adam made sure to cheer for everyone. Thanks buddy! Re-living his glory days as Wyoming's (best football team out there) biggest fan!

Go Pokes!

Off to Napa for some time with my parents and the first go at a half marathon in quite a while.

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