Wednesday, October 26, 2011


WY I Run...To take your mind on a ride and away from daily life happenings

Workout: Swim- 2400 M

It is not summer anymore. Jumping in the pool gets a little bit harder.

It is nice to change it up in the morning, but that does mean running in the afternoon, which sometimes can act as an afternoon luxury.

 Last night, Sean, Scotty, Matty, Adam and I ventured to the Gannett Grill for some grub and beers and we chatted well passed my bedtime, but it was definitely time well spent. From one drunken story to the next, my mouth hurt from laughing.

This is currently what I am looking at outside my window- Time to bring out the skis? Not quite yet. I don't know if I am ready for this.

Run: 6 Miles Easy in 51 minutes

There was a nice bite in the air and I had no expectations and went as slow as I wanted. Felt good to be out there. I used this run as a bit of free time to reflect. My grandmommy passed away last night and although we were not best friends and I was not able to see her often, I am still able to think of memories with her and am thankful I got to talk to her on Monday. She lived a beautiful and fulfilled life and her love for all of her children and grandchildren was always so apparent. A life like hers is definitely one I wouldn't mind emulating.

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  1. Awesome workouts!! Girl, I love it when my mouth hurts from smiling/laughing too much! That is the best. You are so right, it is nearly impossible for me to jump in the pool when it is COLD! I am so sorry about your grand mommy, that breaks my heart. Keep thinking about those amazing memories with her!