Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The flakes have fallen

WY I Run... to get out before it snows

Workout: 11 Miles: 3 Mile warm-up, 5 x1 Mile @ 6:45-55 with 60 rest, 2 Mile cool down.

I didn't start my Garmin until about half a mile after I started running. Of course my obsessive brain still had to run all of the miles until they were written in stone on my watch. Damn my Type A. I woke up to rain and wind and trekked to the track for the first time since the marathon. For some reason, they have locked the gate, so I did some jumping fences to complete my workout. I felt a little lack of motivation, but got more mojo by the last few repeats. The first few were a bit hard to muster especially in this weather, but I got them done and there is no better feeling than the two mile cool down to bask in the glorious-ness that those mile repeats are behind you.

I went home showered, dressed, cooked some oatmeal and by the time I left my house... SNOW!

Last night Adam and I rallied and rode our bikes out on a 13 Mile loop. It was still warm, but may be our last evening ride for the season. Upon our return, Adam threw together his infamous chicken noodle soup which instantly made me feel better. He then decided to taste test the ice cream that I bought and he pretended to have no interest in. Yes- I just called you out!

My cousins stopped by the office this morning as they arrived way past my bed time (8 p.m.) last night. 

Elliptical: 30 min and strength

At lunch, I attempted to grow some muscles. I am always sort of lackadaisical when it comes to strength training. While I know it is an important part to running and staying 'injury-free' for some reason I can't push myself the way I can when I run.

I have finished the 'Violets of March' by Sarah Jio and made a ton of headway this weekend. Once I was a 100 pages in, there was no stopping. It was a little different then my usual plots and so intriguing. It takes place on Bainbridge Island in Washington and follows a the story line of Emily, a novelist from New York intertwined with one of the past.

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