Thursday, October 20, 2011


WY I Run... a continuous challenge

Workout: 8 Miles with Strides in 1:13

Slow and steady may not always win the race, but sometimes it is exactly what your body needs. The thought of going any faster this morning pained me, so I didn't. Lucky for me, that is what my schedule called for.

Double Reflector and a candy corn at the same time

My morning do-dads and the muffins I baked Adam in the distnace
Kathleen massaged my neck, upper back, my legs and my much needed bottom. She did a few new techniques on my neck which hurt more than anything, but felt so good. My bottom and piformis (sp?) muscle (left one) also always needs some lovin' and she was able to workout some tension in there. My hamstring and body felt so much better this morning and only on the pick-ups did I feel a few twinges in my left hamstring. I may need to start icing after the run for prevention measures.

If I were to live in the near perfect world I would,
1. Heat up my hamstring
2. Run
3. Stretch, but not too much to irritate the muscle
4. Ice
5. Massage

Nothing like wearing hand-me-ups from your younger sisters
Ride: 13 Miles

 The ride was 70 degree weather and I listened to an NPR podcast, "Wait, Wait, don't tell me" which was very entertaining
 I am also in the process of moving desks-- Goodbye desk of two year, you will be missed.

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