Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Smell of Smoke

WY I Run... for a time to look forward too

Workout: Swim 2400 Meter and Core

Last night included some insightful conversations with some folks, including my mom, regarding, 'life.' One of those complex things that never really make sense and can go in so many directions. Thanks for making me think LIFE!

 4:40 a.m. wake up call gets harder in the cold weather and jumping in the pool is even worse. Thankfully, I dipped my toes in and luke warm is how it felt. I swam a pyramid swim where I try to do the second half faster than the first which keeps my competitive side fired. Leaving the pool, still dark outside, the smell of fire and wood burning stoves lingered in the air.

 As hard as it is to wake up, the feeling of swimming or running before work trumps all. After showering and walking to work, I feel refreshed and ready to start the day. I do, however tend to die off around 3 p.m. and relax most evenings. But I wouldn't have it any other way. 

You will be happy to know that I was able to blow dry my hair under the hand dryer this morning and met my goal of having dry hair for the morning. Although it did get a bit ruffled since I came back from the pool and got to sleep for 20 more minutes. Boy, do they count.

The big sweater look was calling my name!

Sorry about the quality, I have been light bulb-less in my room for months now.
I decided to save my run for this afternoon and what a great idea that was. I was sporting my Tufts 10k shirt and rockin' out to some jams.

Run: 6 Miles in 45:54 @ 7:39--> I think I can attribute this to my boy, Matt Nathanson

I am one lucky girl!

After work today, I will be enjoying (if my muscles aren't too tight) a much needed hour long massage. I swear by these babies. I would say they are the best effort at injury prevention.

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