Monday, October 24, 2011

Head in a Fog

WY I Run... to make sleeping until 7 a.m. feel like a guilty pleasure

Workout: 8 Miles Easy and Core

Well folks. I am not the top grade specimen you thought I was. I slept in, because when my alarm went off at 5 a.m. there was not a chance that I was getting up to run. It was at first hard to get back to sleep with the guilty feeling ruminating in my mind and thinking about when I would get it in. I pushed them aside and dozed for another two hours. This tired, groggy, headache feeling remains and I am hoping tomorrow it will cease.

Yesterday, I baked, cleaned my car, walked a lot, ate sweets (that I baked and others), walked a lot and made pizza with Adam.

Pumpkin cookies and Pumpkin Oat bread

I ran at lunch although it took a bit longer. The beauty of NOLS is that this organization is conduscive to a healthy lifestyle and ten minutes over an hour to run is worth mental saneness over being back at work within the strict hour.

I have moved desks and am excited about my clean, new location.

This afternoon, I will be riding with Adam for one of the last evening ride before it starts getting too dark and before it SNOWS! Yep, it's in the forecast. Bring it on winter.

My cousins and friends are also coming into town as they have just texted me about their arrival. So fun to have family members come through Lander. Due to the fact that it is in the middle nowhere, this is not common.

Ride: 13 Miles

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