Saturday, October 22, 2011

When small tasks seem so hard

WY I Run... to get off my bum

Workout: 12 Miles Easy-- My Garmin screwed up but I think around 1:45

My run was windy in the beginning and since I woke up with a headache and sore throat, it took forever to get motivated and I didn't get out of the door until 12. Once I got going around mile 4, it turned out to be slow, but feeling better. It was good to get outside.

I successfully participated in my first ever Murder Mystery Dinner. Above, is Nadia, the Russian dance club owner. I  played 'Lucie' and acted (as best I could ) in character through out the evening. The killer  took a while to uncover, but with our scripts in hands and hours later, we solved the mystery. The atmosphere was replicated to a 't' and everyone took part in the story!

I spent my day on a run as well as switching out winter and summer clothes. I can definitely say this is my least favorite chore. I was able to organize some bags to take to the thrift store as well as those that I WILL sell on Ebay. Somehow, I couldn't justify giving brand name jeans and other articles away.

I ended my day with a 3 Mile walk and read my book along the way. Even though each task today was hard to complete, I had a short list in mind and made sure to cross them of the to-do. I needed the rest after fighting off some sickness this week and hopefully I can recover 100% tomorrow.

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