Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hello 5,400 Ft. and Wind

Wyoming is where I run, hence WY (Wyoming) I Run.

Workout: 10 Miles Easy @ 8:01 pace in 1:20 and about 5 min abs

I made some breakfast on my own and ate next to the flowers Adam gave me upon my return to
Lander. The fall colors and the pumpkin pancakes started my day on the right foot.

 I put some new Matt Nathanson on the iShuffle and felt great for the majority of the run until the wind started blowing and that Wyoming sun came out. 

 I ran a semi- flat loop around the town which ends coming down Main St. I was able to get pick up the last few miles to keep up a momentum. Feels so good to be running longer again after recovery from a Marathon.

Tonight I am off to the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) annual board dinner social event. Feels good to be back.

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