Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Here comes the Speed

WY I Run... Burning lungs before the sun rises

Workout: 3 Mile warm-up, 6 x 5 minutes between 6:25-45 with 2:30 minutes, 2 Mile cool down:
11 Miles

Wow. The 30 degrees and the 5,400 ft definitely played their part this morning. My lungs felt the burn. I didn't hit my intended paces, which is sometimes discouraging, but since it is the beginning of the training cycle, these paces are more of starting points and hopefully my body starts getting used to the cold temps and high altitude and I can start knocking out the fast paces.

My intended goals stamped on my hand


As you can see the sun was rising at the end of my run, so that meant short shower and no blow drying. I was being so meticulous in making time to make enough time to dry my hair. That lasted for one day. I guess I could get up a bit earlier- NOT HAPPENING!

Since Adam has taken the day off, he is bringing my sleek road bike to me to go on a ride. Due to our varying lunch schedules, we never get to do this anymore.

Ride: 13 Miles
With Adam in his reflector yellow and me in my orange-- we were riding on the safe side in the middle of daylight.
Yes, the picture on the right is my new bicycle (Happy Birthday to me!)

The evening will come with a relaxing dinner with Adam. Hopefully something fall-ish

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