Monday, October 17, 2011

Return of the Dark Mornings

WY I Run... star gazing in the morning

Workout: 8 Miles w/ strides and core

Yesterday afternoon I wrapped up a productive day of cleaning, baking, and grocery shopping with a bike ride with Ann. It was more of a coffee chat then a ride. Doing what you love to do with people who share the passion is hard to beat. Things like this reiterate the importance of pursuing my passion and not letting others effect the way I live my life.

Getting out the door after an overnight rainstorm back on my roads was fabulous. Ran a good easy pace and enjoyed every step of it. One of those mornings where everything felt good, I was wearing the right clothes and the temps were prime.

 I had this waiting on my desk this morning. It is an article which was written about my fund raising efforts for the NOLS scholarship fund for the completion of my Boston Marathon 2011. The article was well written and was a nice tidbit to my morning. 

I made my way to the pool on my 'Wizard of Oz' town bike and it was freezing. Thankfully it made the water feel warm
Swam: 2400 Meters

Will be cleaning my car and relaxing after work (as usual). Hard for me to get anything done after 5 p.m. Due to this weather (that won't last long) I might indulge in a walk, but most likely not.

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