Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pumpkin pumpkin

WY I Run... To listen to (read) books and podcasts

Saturday Workout: 14 Easy @ 8:20 in about 1:48

Sunday Workout: 8 with 4 x 20 @ 7:57 in 1:03

The 14 miles was a nice long run with company for the majority of the run from Adam. It's been a while since I have had a running buddy and definitely makes time fly by. Besides for some unsettled Peanut Butter toast in my belly, it was smooth sailing.

On Sunday, my run was a mental release and was one that I was excited to go out and complete. I listened to a "Women Talk Sports" podcast and focused on nothing but listening to some stories. In Casper,  you should always know that one way will be harder than the other because the wind is always blowing.

This would be my new Garmin with a foot pod and some running arm sleeves. Now, this boy knows me
After work on Friday, I went to Adam's. I did not have any plans for the night of my birthday and wanted to hang out and not do anything. Adam did present me with an ice cream cake for the occasion as well as some fabulous gifts. I will admit we had a sliver of the cake right away. He baked my favorite veggified nachos, we watched a movie, and called it an evening.

Who's Hotter?? Frankenstein or Zombie
We drove to Casper for a 1 year old birthday as well as Adam's sister's birthday who shares October 28th with me. We hung out in Casper for the rest of Saturday. Unfortunately, the birthday was postponed due to some stomach bug making its way around. The Alspach's did present me with the new Kindle Touch. This is something I have wanted forever for all of the traveling I do... currently reading on my ipod is not doing the trick and going to cause some eye strain.

On Sunday, we had a casual breakfast and than celebrated Adam's nephew's one year of life. It was definitely a scene trying to get a one year old to open presents and an older brother who wants to chip in and reap the benefits as well. Between the tractors, wrapping paper, a puppy who will chew anything he can get his mouth on, there was quite the obstacle course in the living room.

I am back in Lander and have just returned the fairy wings I wore for my birthday to Kate where Libby, Ally, and Elyssa were having dinner for Ally's last days in town. People come and go in the world of Lander, WY and it is always bittersweet!
Off to Florida tomorrow morning

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